Solid Technology in Albuquerque. Owner, Stanford, shot friendly cat twice

Solid Technology
Solid Technology. Screenshot from video by
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If you are a cat or animal lover don’t use Solid Technology in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, a small business providing services to owners of vehicles because the business owner, Sean Stanford, is an asshole who has been charged with twice shooting a cat who had made friends with workers at the business.

Sean Stanford animal abuser
Sean Stanford animal abuser

For months, the cat, Vespa, came by Solid Technology and made friends with several of the workers there but Sean Sanford hated Vespa.

One day Sanford came to the business with a rifle after he had threatened to kill Vespa. This intent appears to have been witnessed by one or more of his employees.

As mentioned, Standford shot Vespa twice and this was witnessed too, I believe. We don’t know the caliber of the bullet (I guess .22). Vespa survived and an employee brought him to a local veterinarian, Dr. Kathryn Stutzman-Rodriguez, who on camera in an interview broke down in tears when she described the cruelty to Vespa who is a super friendly cat.

“Super friendly cat and someone shoots it? I mean, that’s like, you are going to make me cry…It’s so awful.”

Veterinarian who treated Vespa with Vespa
Veterinarian who treated Vespa with Vespa. Screenshot from video by

Vespa still has a bullet under his tongue but despite this and the trauma he is a happy cat.

Stanford has disappeared and a warrant is out for his arrest. He has been charged with extreme animal cruelty, a felony. He will be found and incarcerated pending trial I sincerely hope.

I also hope that his business goes bust which is why I have spelled out its name in the title to the post.

I am also pleased to publish his photo on this page. Avoid the man. He is no good. He is an animal abuser and at present an alleged criminal. The evidence appears to be overwhelming as he shot Vespa at his business and it seems in plain sight of an employee of his.

UPDATE: Caught and he is being held by the police:

Stanford held by police
Stanford held by police

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  1. Even with the risk of losing a job, one of the employees of Solid Technology had the courage to track down Vespa, bring him to the animal hospital, and talk to police. I’m not familiar with the job market in Albuquerque, but I do hope that employee manages to land a better job and that coworkers who might find themselves unemployed do not carry a grudge. It would be unfortunate if those who did right by Vespa are forced to pay a heavy price.


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