Some More Strange Domestic Cat Behavior?

This cat is doing something that we rarely see and he/she is doing it voluntarily because it pleases him. The video is entitled “Gizmo the crazy upside down cat”. I’d say he is not crazy at all but typically very flexible, agile and athletic as all domestic cats are. In truth, the behaviour is not strange either. It is just something he can do easily and he therefore does it. In short, it is what it is.

He wants to groom and mess around with his tail and gets easy access to it when upside down! Of course, he could get easy access to his tail sitting down which would have been easier but the fact is that it is not difficult for him to take up this extreme position (by our standards). It looks extreme to us but is comfortable to him.

He is probably a bit bored and is finding ways to alleviate it.

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Michael Broad

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3 Responses

  1. Suzy says:

    That’s so funny. He’s like a gymnast on the barre. Cats are so amusing, they each have their own lovely little foibles.
    I’m guessing this fella needs his own big pine tree to clamber up and sit there grooming his tail atop his castle/territory, failing that…..The door frame.

  2. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA says:

    This is really funny, especially since the cat doesn’t have much area to sit or hang on. He must have been bored, and wanted a challenge. I’ve never seen a cat groom his tail so much, even in a “normal” sitting position.

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