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Ticklish cat

Ticklish cats!

Cats can be ticklish. Discuss. We see this quite a lot in videos. Cat owners think that their cat is “broken” because the reaction is strange. I’m talking about scratching along the spine of...

My cat eats bird seed

My cat eats bird seed

My cat eats birdseed. Here is the proof in a video! Although, it is important to note that he only nibbles a small amount. This is what I’d expect. It would be highly peculiar...

Oriental shorthair kitten

Fabric eating and pedigree Oriental cats

It’s become quite well known that the family of Oriental cat breeds which includes the Siamese, Javanese and Oriental shorthair and longhair (and other breeds), are susceptible to developing eating non-nutritious substances, which is...

Manipulative cat

Are cats manipulative?

Domestic cats might seem to be manipulative sometimes to some people. However, if they get their way it is only because their human companions and providers want them to. The human caregiver is a...

Maine Coon "staring"

Why does my cat stare at me?

I don’t think cats stare at their owners. I prefer to say that they look with intent when they are asking for something which is entirely acceptable.

Simon, Rey and the claw sheath removed from her eye

How did this cat get a claw in her eye?

NEWS/OPINION-COVENTRY, UK: Coventry veterinarian Simon Pudsey had never seen it before he said; a one-year-old cat with an ‘entire’ claw stuck in one of her eyes. The cat, Rey, was at the veterinary clinic...

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