Stanhope firefighters had to drill a hole to rescue a cat stuck in a wall and between floors

A Stanhope, New Jersey cat got himself into a jam between Friday night and Saturday morning when he squeezed through a hole in the drywall of a bedroom closet. I wanted to write on this because anyone who has a hole large enough for a cat to squeeze through should be aware their cat may try to do just that.

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Firefighters called to home with cat stuck between floors
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At 11:22 a.m. Saturday morning the Stanhope Fire Department was called to Stonegate Lane after receiving a call about a cat stuck between the floors of the home. Chief Alan Bookspan said the daughter in the home had a sleepover Friday night and put the cat in the upstairs bedroom. The cat was later heard moving around in the wall and between the floors.

At some point, the cat was stuck and couldn’t get out on his own. That’s when the police and the fire department were called in. The cat was described as “scared to death” and refused to come out after the department used a reciprocating saw called a Sawzall to cut a hole in the floor.

The cat still refused to make an appearance. Fire crew told the homeowner their cat was probably scared to come out with so many people around. The family was told to call the fire department back if the cat didn’t come out on its own. As of Saturday afternoon, the department hasn’t heard back.

In an interview with NJ Herald, Bookspan said

“I think that’s a good sign, that the cat was probably scared of everyone and the tools but probably came out when we left.”

If you have cats and you also have a hole in a wall or in the flooring, please patch it up so you don’t make the morning news. Cats are very good at being nosy and get into situations they can’t get out of.

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