Sussex Police have arrested a local man whom they believe responsible for the death of 25 cats in Brighton

There’s finally been a break in the Brighton cat killer case. A 52-year-old man has been placed under arrest following an 18-month investigation into the deaths of 25 cats.

Brighton cat killer victim
Samson survived (BBC screenshot)
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Police were able to view CCTV footage and arrested the man last Sunday on suspicion of criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. He’s been released on bail until his court appearance scheduled for June 28.

A spokesperson for the Sussex police released a media statement saying

 “Sussex Police have arrested a local man in connection with cat deaths in Brighton following a breakthrough in a longstanding investigation. Officers were made aware that a cat had been injured near Trafalgar Street, Brighton on Saturday evening. The cat had sustained serious wounds and has unfortunately since died.”

Brighton map

Police are urging a possible witness to the attack to come forward.

“We are keen to trace a witness who we believe may hold vital information to our investigation. He is a white man, around 5ft 8ins, in his 20s or 30s, of medium build, with long dark wavy hair and was wearing sunglasses at the time. We believe he may have stroked the cat before it was injured around 7.50pm on Saturday, 1 June.”

This is a confusing case. News media are all reporting this story as though it’s a ‘done deal’ with the arrest. Yet the man isn’t charged with killing 25 cats (or am I missing something here). but for different crimes altogether.

With Sussex police looking for the witness who may have information pertaining to the case, it leads me to believe the man won’t face animal cruelty charges until police have more evidence.

Police are working with an expert from the Royal Veterinary College to determine exactly how the cats were killed. Patrols have also been increased in the Brighton area, including visits to homes in the area to question owners and the request for anyone who knows more to come forward.

I realize those who live in the Brighton area may have additional information on this case. Please feel free to add any additional information in the comment section below.

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