Safari Cat breeders (2022)

Safari Cat

Quite a few people search for breeders of this cat. It could have been as popular as the Savannah cat, possibly (see below the table as to why I think it isn’t). The breed is rare and there are few breeders. I have searched high and low and I think covered all possibilities but I …

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Safari cat

Safari Cat photos: copyright Helmi Flick. Click on the thumbnails   Introduction This is one of the rare cat breeds by my reckoning (8/10 where 10 is the most rare). This is supported by the fact that there are very few photographs of this cat breed. Fortunately, probably the best cat photographer, Helmi Flick, …

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Safari Cat 2

The photo is copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect it. This cat’s face completely intrigues me. Look at the intensity with which this cat looks at the camera. Her name is Xspotica. At the time of the photograph she was a year old weighing 15.4 lbs.The breeder is Marechal Safari Cats. She is an F1 Safari …

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Safari Cat 3

Safari Cat 3 (third linked page). The Safari cat can be breed in a range of coat colors and patterns. For example, when the Geoffroy’s cat is crossed with a Tortie Shorthair you will get black spotted, red spotted and tortie spotted coats. The name “Safari” is obviously designed to conjure up images of …

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Safari Cat 4

Safari cats “sacrificed” (look bottom right hand side of the document reproduced below, please scroll down) in the cause of stem cell research. As I am sure you have realised the word “sacrificed” means killed. The Safari Cats were killed (on my reading of this document) because these cats were “irradiated” (subjected to radiation), …

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