Taylor Swift falls in love with Benjamin Button (a Ragdoll kitten ‘purrbox’)

Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button. Picture: Taylor’s Instagram account.
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Taylor told the cameras: ‘Oh my god. I love this little cat’

The kitten is at the center of this story. We are not told but I believe the kitten is a Ragdoll judging by appearance and temperament. Taylor Swift sums up Benjamin’s temperament in her Instagram video:

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This is how he prefers to travel.

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How did she meet little Benjamin? Well it happened while she was filming that awesomely lush and fanciful video for her new track ME! That must have cost millions to make.

I don’t have to write the story down as it is all here on video:

Benjamin will join her two other cats: Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey. Will he fit in? Probably, yes, bearing in mind his laid back character. The only issue is whether the resident cats will accept him.

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