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Taylor Swift Is Obsessed with Cats — 11 Comments

  1. No doubt that she is a cat lover and the other point is valid by DEE that she is flying with a private plane because that is the way most celebrities like to.

    The cats are really beautiful and like fairy tales cats. Walt Disney cats perhaps!!! 😉 love the way the kitten is sleeping but she has to put a hand in the back neck of her so no muscular strain will occur to the kitten’s neck. Just an idea, I think that you can elaborate correctly what I mean, Michael!?! 😉

    Thanks for the sharing 🙂 love it all the way <3

  2. I think her love for cats is genuine.
    It’s likely that she was on a private plane and not a commercial one. That’s how her kitten was allowed out of a carrier.

  3. She does look as if she truly loves that kitten, but she has an eye to posing too, lips pouting in the way some men find attractive.
    Having done a quick search, it seems that thankfully she does not have her cats declawed, so I reckon she really is a genuine cat lover 🙂

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