9 reasons why Taylor Swift is so successful (the 9th is her cats!)

Taylor Swift infographic (part)

Here are 9 reasons why Taylor Swift is so awesomely success. She’s become one of only a few dollar billionaires whose main source of income is music. She’s smart and works enormously hard. I have added to a list of eight an important ninth, her cats! She loves cats obviously but I think she …

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AI creates digital replicant Taylor Swift to scam fans

Artificial intelligence created Taylor Swift to scam fans and of their hard earned money on social media

Taylor Swift has been replicated digitally by an AI computer in order to scam her fans into believing that she has unsold Le Creuset cookware products to give away. She is the latest celebrity to have her likeness hijacked by artificial intelligence employed by scammers who know that her digital likeness will entice fans …

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The Nepo Kitty A-list

Nepo Kitties

This is the current Nepo Kitty A-list. What is a ‘nepo kitty’ or ‘nepo cat’? It comes from the term ‘nepo baby’ which according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary refers to nepotism by parents towards their baby to the point where the child becomes famous perhaps even more famous than their famous parents. That’s my …

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How did the photographer get Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button to stay on Taylor Swift’s shoulders in the Time POY image?

Taylor Swift and Benjamin Button

The photograph by a couple of celebrity photographers of the world’s top celebrity currently, Taylor Swift, with her Ragdoll cat, Benjamin Button, draped over her shoulders like a scarf, has caught the world’s attention. It was captured for Time Magazine to celebrate Taylor Swift being named as their Person of the Year. Great work. …

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Taylor Swift explains how she ended up adopting her Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button

It is a snippet of a story on TikTok but it explains the moment when Taylor Swift decided to adopt a Ragdoll kitten that she named Benjamin Button. She fell in love with him ‘hook, line, and sinker’ on a music video set as we say in Britain. You probably know that she has …

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Time magazine’s POY Taylor Swift cover is stunning showing her with Benjamin Button her Ragdoll cat

Taylor Swift's Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button

Note: the photos below are embedded from Twitter. I can’t publish the photos here because of copyright rules. These ’embeds’ might not work in the future. If that has happened; apologies. Read Taylor Swift's full Person of the Year interview (featuring Benjamin Button, the cat) https://t.co/RgVoNa85kz pic.twitter.com/5nhQS2nTUP — TIME (@TIME) December 6, 2023 The …

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Taylor Swift should ask her fans to stop spinning with their cats to her song August

Cat is scared as owner spins around to Taylor Swift track 'August'

You may have heard that there is a new meme on the Internet and it concerns Taylor Swift’s song August. The song is currently trending and I guess people know that she likes cats and lives with them so they are grabbing their cat under the armpits and spinning around while capturing the “fun” …

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