The government are the biggest abusers of animals

The government are the biggest abusers of animals

by Judy Duston

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I cannot understand how or why there was a law passed on animal abuse? Why would the government agree to such a law when in fact they too are the biggest abusers of animals creating diseases and re-creating these diseases in experiments?

The government got on TV a few years ago and said that most animals have the same immune systems as humans? Why? because they are experimenting on these sad beings that are only a product of what the gov. chooses; to call these animals non-productive dumb animals.

If my recollections haven't failed me, I would call that a mirror image. Why would there be any such veterinarian in on these lab tests to help treat these animals during and/or after? The vets get paid big money to do as they are told & that's to be in on these experiments.

We all should listen to Jesse Venturer on TV Friday nights. He used to be a governor and like he says he is here to tell all. He showed where the government's laboratory is on Plumb Island, NY. "Aliens" space ship - also making an alien with human body parts. Some scary things I would say.

I bought a cat from a shelter a few months ago only to find she was a lab experiment animal. She had no liver, had cancer then the shelter vet had the gall to pull out all her teeth and then sent her home to me to die.

She was such a sweet little kitty but she had her six weeks of freedom from much pain & suffering.
God Bless....


Hi Judy... thanks for sharing. There are two camps when it comes to animal testing. Those who think it is acceptable because it helps humans. And those who see it as plain legalised animal abuse and cruelty. I fall into the second camp.

The people who are in the former camp, who see it as OK, call the people who care "animal rights activists" and deride them as nutcases.

This is wrong as the people who see animal experimentation as legalised animal abuse are simply decent people who care about all creatures and who want to see equality of treatment - is that so crazy or bad?

The animal welfare laws make animal testing an exception. There are rules and regulations on what can and can't be done in the laboratory but at its heart it is animal abuse of the worst kind as far as I am concerned.

As I said others have the opposite opinion, which shows how uncoordinated and dysfunctional the human race can be.

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The government are the biggest abusers of animals

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Dec 06, 2010
so sad
by: kathy w

Such a sad story. I feel so bad for your kitty. I hate humans when I read stuff like this. Ive never been a great people person and stuff like this is why. That vet needs all his teeth pulled. I too am against animal testing. I carry that list that I got off of here with me in my purse. I also showed it to my friends. These labs need to be shut and people will argue that its all for the good of mankind. What about animal kind. They have no rights and are subjected to be ruled by humankind. Not by their own choice.

Dec 04, 2010
Animal Testing
by: Judy

Every single disease that people and/or animals have,has been given directly by & from government/scientists.....Here is one of many messages posted every where: Its made me think twice about doctors and any new medications,also millions of people was experimented on with the aids virus as well as millions of cats that science allowed to get loose telling the public that these cats will infect millions of people if come in contact with them,my self as well as a few others were collecting cats on the highways,as well as back streets because kids were collecting up every cat they found out roaming around the streets and throwing them out their windows."A woman on national TV said her,her husband and son had a fatal car accident the husband died,the mother & son survived but was given aids disease to save their lives;she said that she wished her & her son had died right along with her husband.Does it make any one wonder what is really going on here? Another news broad cast was a lot of unborn babies are being born with aids,there is a warfare right here in out own country;why? some one in the white house said there was too many people here over crowding so its time to do some weeding out?So sad,we are like these poor animals,we trust in these people to protect us and are we really any different than these poor defenseless animals?
Does any one remember the man that came home from iraq with a german shepard that saved his and a few buddies lives? The dog was in this man & family's back yard with a 12ft.fence up,the dog got loose a dog catcher caught him brought him straight to the shelter,that shelter never even bothered to look for its owners they just put him to sleep,the man & his family was heart broken.
I think we should move to Russia,Russia has been in the USA white house for years with both father & son Bush.Maybe the white house/gov.thinks most people are snowed(?)or trying to scare every one(?)The very first statement from Bush Jr.was he was going to finish the job his father started(?)war?then there was 9/11 of course that started the whole thing moving,then there was this invisible Bin Ladden(?)Mrs.Bush said on TV let 9/11 be a lesson to these young children(?) While young men were being sent home in body bags Mrs.Bush children were out getting drunk & arrested.....
Who ever named this Corrupt America just may be correct?I totally feel sorry for the younger generation,it don't seem as though its going to get better.But I do pray it ends soon.
God bless you & me & thee

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