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To Muslims Dogs Are Unclean but Cats Aren’t — 6 Comments

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  2. They brutalize all animals. Just look on youtube or the cruelty pages. It is a theocracy that destroys humans and animals alike. They act as if it is the norm. And the good people in such places have a rough time trying to combat the cruelty and rescue the poor innocent creatures. Much reform is needed.

  3. Most religions have some illogical views and rules. Anyone who follows a particular religion is aware of these, but may choose to ignore the lack of logic, for obvious reasons.

    We’re taught not to question authority, and most people don’t, especially if the rule or law is seen as coming from the most “high”.

    Blind acceptance of all forms of authority, whether religious or political, makes control of “sheeple” easy.

  4. This is ludicrous & even Immoral.

    Besides this , any saliva or bodily fluids can be potentially loaded with germs; especially humans.

    It is really unfair to pick on any one living thing and deem them as filthy, even if it is so. Soaps cheap and this Muslim ideology is cheap as well. Muslims have
    petty ,narrow points of view and beliefs.

    I am through with bending over to condone them and their actions. Not Team Players and shouldn’t be shoving their Cultish ways onto any peoples.

    This is just the tip of the ice-burg.I can’t justify this biased attitude in These United States of America or our other relative countries where our ancestors originated and settled and fought for our Liberties & Freedoms & those whom
    Protected us with their very lives. We should all be in this together-united in spirit and action.

    Happy 4th of July
    Celebrate Our Independence
    Eva say’s***

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