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Unclaimed, Unmicrochipped Serval Roaming Around Reading, Pennsylvania — 9 Comments

  1. Wild animals belong in the wild and should never be crossed with domestic pets. For human vanity the animal always pays the price.

      • I was going to compare it hunters and their trophies but thought it too far a stretch perhaps. On refection it’s even worse than hunting an animal and killing it to hang on a wall or make a rug when you take them living you condemn not only the captive but all of it’s generations.

  2. If they are hard to keep and hard to keep happy, this one was probably let go and not reported which is so cruel and irresponsible. People who are interested should go through the training and decide it’s not a good idea after all, then I’d respect them.

    • Yep, I had the same thoughts. The cat was probably just let go. As you say it is so irresponsible and careless. I believe that no one should have a serval as a pet. I have been inside an enclosure with two breeding servals and they are large animals. They can be intimidating and they can hurt people. They spray urine. They have dog-like claws and they are often declawed. It so awful. The human race gone mad for me. There are numerous examples of people giving up their pet serval having realised that it is a failure of an idea.

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