Pet serval is like a domestic cat on steroids

Serval living in an apartment wants to escape

It is distressing to learn once again of another pet serval escaping. This time a man who appears to be in his 30s living in an apartment adopted a serval. I am sorry but he is living in a standard apartment and he thinks it is okay to have a pet serval. It is …

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Do servals eat frogs and fish?

Servals eat frogs and fish and enjoy hunting in wetlands

Yes, servals eat frogs and fish. The serval has a preference for wetland habitats and therefore it is unsurprising that they hunt in water and don’t mind getting their feet wet (Wild Cats of the World). Captive servals deftly hook live fish out of water and in the wild servals have been seen hunting …

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It’s time for a nationwide ban on keeping servals as pets in the USA

Serval escapes

In writing for my website over 15 years, a thread runs through American society in respect of exotic pets and that is the keeping of the African serval; a high percentage of which are compelled to escape the confinements of their home and wander around urban and countryside environments frightening the neighbours to the …

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Are servals legal in British Columbia?

The British Columbia law on owning a serval is a mishmash.

The answer is slightly complicated, indeed a mishmash. Servals are not in the Controlled Alien Species (CAS) list for the province of British Columbia. I take that to mean that there are no laws either allowing or prohibiting the possession of a serval in British Columbia. Therefore, you have to drill down to municipalities …

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Are servals legal in Washington state?

Servals not listed as a potentially dangerous animal under Washington state law

Yes, servals are legal in Washington state for individuals to own and possess. You don’t need a permit either on my assessment. This is because under Washington law (statute) RCW 16.30.010, servals are not listed as a “potentially dangerous wild animal” and neither are they listed as a ‘deleterious exotic animal’ under WAC 220-640-200 …

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Is it legal to own a serval in Virginia?

Virginia law requires that a person applies for a permit before owning a serval

Provided you have a permit it is legal to own a serval in Virginia. The state rules on exotic animal ownership including servals are found at 4VAC15-30-40 of the administrative code. This section of the statute concerns “Importation requirements, possession, and sale of nonnative (exotic) animals.”. This page is about citizens of Virginia who …

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