If you had to choose between a kitten, a one-year-old cat, or a cat that was 10 or older, which would you choose and why?

There is no simple, straightforward or correct answer to this question. The answer usually depends upon the adopter’s personal circumstances and preferences. I could stop there because there is no single correct answer and I don’t want to go through … please continue reading

Cat and dog BFF’s were adopted from the shelter together. Now they play all day long

Chico the dog and Coco the cat both suffered abuse before ending up at an animal shelter together before being adopted into their forever home together in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. When Margaret Freitas and her husband Francisco Frietas went … please continue reading

‘Mother Earth’ female cat rescuer has saved the lives of thousands of cats

Debbie Heller

I have described Debbie Heller as a Mother Earth figure because what she does is so positive and bountiful it its generosity. I guess she is just an ‘ordinary’ woman but she is also special and by no means unique. … please continue reading

Immediate rescue needed for 23-year-old cat surrendered to North Carolina kill shelter

Update November 6 Pookie has been rescued by Tara Rescue.org. Donations can be made to P.O. Box 711, Raeford, North Carolina 28376. PAYPAL ADDRESS IS INFO@TARARESCUE.ORG. Pookie was surrendered by his owner due to “allergies.” His freedom picture is below Rescue is … please continue reading

The face of heartbreak: Cat at NC shelter may only have a few days to find a new home

UPDATE May 2, 2018 ADOPTED! I’ll be writing an update Thursday night. This is the face of heartbreak. Once this sad-eyed kitty becomes available at a North Carolina shelter, he may only have a few days to find a home … please continue reading