Optimising cage space of shelter cats increases likelihood of adoption

Malaysian man uses cats to raise money on Facebook

As part of the Capacity for Care (C4C) program, optimising cage space at shelters has found to be a very important component in improving the health and behaviour of shelter cats leading to lower deaths at shelters and increased adoptions. There is an optimum cage size and it has been found that increasing the …

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Clowder of shelter kittens try and escape their cage. Worker pushes them back.

Cat shelter worker has to be too firm with kittens as they try and escape their small glass-fronted cage.

Watch this cat shelter worker’s behavior and tell me what you think. I believe that the video was made in China or perhaps another Asian country and that this is an animal or cat shelter. The kittens want to get out of their little, glass-fronted cage. Of course. He opens the door and guess …

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You will pay the veterinary bill if a shelter employs a vet to treat your lost cat

Cat at a veterinary clinic

The scenario: you have lost your elderly cat. A neighbour finds her and takes her to a local shelter. The shelter management decide that your cat needs veterinary treatment and they organise it. The shelter pays a veterinarian. You find out that your cat is at this shelter and you ask for her back. …

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Video: POV-what a senior cat at a shelter sees and hears as adopters walk by

Ginger tabby senior cat in a shelter cage watching out as potential adopters reject him

This is a TikTok video from photographer Albert Harris. It’s a neat idea. He has put a small video camera in an animal shelter cage with an elderly ginger tabby cat. You see potential adopters walking by looking at the particulars on the clipboard attached to the front of the cage. It looks set …

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Cat TV for rescue cats at shelters to enrich their environment

A cat watches TV at PAWS in Lynnwood. The animal rescue is seeking TV donations. Photo - Lynn Jefferson at PAWS

Here’s a cool idea which I like a lot from the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynnwood, USA. They installed a 47-inch flat panel TV facing the cages containing the cats at their rescue. The cats are held in a windowless room. What can cats do when they’re in a cage in a …

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The higher an animal shelter’s live release rate the higher the rates of burnout in shelter staff?

There is a study online published on Jan 17th 2020 which, as I understand it, essentially looks at the mental health of animal shelter employees under two opposing circumstances, namely when animals are euthanized and when the live release rate is high by which I mean the shelter is successful in that they are …

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Minority of unfriendly shelter cats become more friendly during their stay at the shelter

Cat in shelter

In general terms, a study concluded that 80% of shelter cats were classified as friendly or very friendly on the first assessment while those that were not became more friendly over time. Shelter cats who might be described as grumpy and aggressive become more friendly during their stay at the shelter. So says a …

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