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Unpleasant Sexism Embedded in Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book — 12 Comments

  1. Another prop in the war on cats. Bring shame and loathing to those who love and care about cats. So sick of everything being politicized these days.

  2. I saw an advertisement for a couple of kittens seeking a home, they were advertised as a “Crazy cat Lady starter kit”, I have to admit I smiled.

  3. Wow that’s more than a random splattering in that puzzle. Must everything have some social or political attachment. I bought my husband some adult coloring books. I guess I better go search for subliminal hidden messages in them.

    • 🙂 Yes, there is a hidden message here. It’s like big brother government conditioning people to think in a certain way.

  4. Gee, that is sure something I wouldn’t buy or give as a gift. They sure denigrate those who love other creatures than themselves. Guess it’s that negative feeling that a lot of folks have for those who think and act differently than themselves. Could also be jealously of those who are comfortable in themselves.

    • Yes, I think this book contains prejudices. A lot of people have misconceptions and prejudices against certain types of people. This is an example. I say it is also sexist because if a man loves cats and looks after a lot of cats he’s not referred to in the same derogatory way.

  5. This is the kind of abusive society we craft when we take joy in putting people down, especially those who love. That, is the sickness. That, is anti-everything. To spread it around, for profit, as if preaching from a pulpit is the worst. A woman or ANY person (I am a man who happens to enjoy the company of felines) who minds their own business as they give life to otherwise societies throw-away pets is a hero who should not be dragged through the mud like this. Outrageously, disgracefully condescending, and sending every kind of worst message.

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