Roe v. Wade: Conservative anti-abortionists criticise free-thinking ‘cat ladies’

Matt Gaetz on Twitter

There is a couple of high-profile pro-life, pro-natal, anti-abortionists in America on social media who have been criticising cat ladies for supporting abortion. One of them is Matt Gaetz. He has 1.4 million Twitter followers and describes himself as a firebrand and happy husband. He puts America first and is a Florida man, he …

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Was an 1872 New York Times article the beginning of the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ trope?

Crazy cat lady in the making. Image: Facebook

On 11th August 1872, The New York Times published an article under the headline “Cats and Craziness’. The article can still be read if you subscribe to this newspaper, which I don’t. However, a short extract is published on the current New York Times website: “It is a curious fact that lunatics, especially those …

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University of California’s study debunks the stereotype of ‘crazy cat lady’

Crazy cat lady. No a nice lady who likes cats

For donkey’s years the world has been under the misapprehension that there is a female of the human species who is obsessed with domestic cats, who keeps far too many of them, who is solitary, anxious and depressed, and has no friends. This is the so called ‘crazy cat lady’ and they don’t really …

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Historical male dominance behind the “crazy cat lady” label

Male dominance over women apparent in crazy cat lady label

You can go way back into history and I’m mainly talking about English history to see the origins of the “crazy cat lady”. The images published on this page illustrate what I’m talking about. In the late 1700s (and I’m sure well before that) males were far more dominant towards females than they are …

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