Unwanted cat mailed in parcel to animal shelter

Mr Yang, 33, posted his Scottish Fold cat in a sealed cardboard box to an animal shelter because he wanted to get rid of ‘it’. It’s the first time, perhaps in the history of this planet, that somebody has sent an unwanted domestic cat to an animal shelter in a parcel.

Unwanted cat mailed to shelter
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The New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office were able to identify him through the postal service. Subsequently he was fined almost the equivalent of US$2000 for violating the Taiwan Animal Protection Act.

He was fined an additional NT$30,000 (about US$1000) because he had not vaccinated his cat for rabies and therefore was in breach of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases Act.

The director of the animal authority, condemned Yang’s behaviour. He said:

“An animal can suffocate in an insufficiently ventilated container, has no access to water and can become distressed.”

I think that pretty much sums it up. It is remarkable that this man decided to do what he did. I do not believe it would have crossed the minds of anyone else on the planet.

Mr Yang said that he had tried to give his cat away because he had insufficient time to look after it. His cat had a leg injury which had not improved under treatment and therefore had mobility problems.

Other than that we are told that the cat is in good health and may therefore be put up for adoption.

The Scottish Fold as a purebred, pedigree cat. Cat abandonment or relinquishment usually means dumping a cat in woods or by the road or at a shelter at night but not sending the animal in a parcel to a shelter. The chances of the cat being hurt in some way must have been fairly high. The cat was unharmed as it happened.

10 thoughts on “Unwanted cat mailed in parcel to animal shelter”

  1. I’m not surprised that this shit is coming from Asia. They have no care at all and I’m forever grateful this baby was not butchered and skinned while alive instead. I curse this thing to a life of hell. Over the years, I have come to care absolutely nothing about any human no matter the age or gender that abuses, neglects, or mistreats animals in any way. As for as I’m concerned, the earth would be better off if every one of them died suddenly! Less assholes to exist.

    • In the good old US of A they just put the kittens in a box and dump it somewhere and they might get a slap on the hand if caught. Every day in so called first world counties animals are subjected to hellish treatment by humans of all varieties. I do join you in wishing the animal abusers in my life simply die. Hopefully under the same conditions many of their pets have.

      • Yes, in all countries any animal abusers should have an automatic death!! There are many in every country. The fines, jail, or supposed rehab is bullshit! It does nothing at all for these assholes! They will only continue to do it again, and again.

  2. That he thought it was okay to “mail” a cat at all is weird and cruel, but to the animal shelter is just stupid. Of course he got fined! I am so glad the cat survived but it’s also weird that it wasn’t discovered until delivery. No one realized they were handling a live animal in a box… I’d question all of them too and wake them up. Poor cat! And such a cutie too.

    I bet Mr Yang is gonna get some unwanted mail now.

      • Sadly, it is permissible to mail baby chicks too. Perhaps thousands go through the U.S. mail each year. Please petition to stop this mailing of live animals, domestic or livestock.

  3. What a malignant coward Mr Yang is. Good work by the Taipei authorities. A policed ban on this selfish idiot having any contact with animals for life would be a neat addition.

    • Albert made the point that it is surprising that employees of the postal service did not realise that the parcel contained a cat. I agree and it is strange.

      • It is a good point, but maybe the poor cat was rigid with fear whenever the box was handled?

        Not all animals void their bowels in extreme states. Some cats can hold their pee for more than 48hrs.

        Maybe the posties in Taipei are under strictly monitored time/delivery schedules like ours in the UK are? Maybe everything is sorted by machine?

        The blame is to be shouldered by Mr Yang in my view.


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