Should I allow my female cat to have a litter of kittens to improve her personality?

Should I allow my female cat to have a litter of kittens to improve her personality? No.

Allowing your female cat to have a litter of kittens solely for the purpose of improving her personality is not a recommended approach. Let’s consider the reasons: Remember, a cat’s personality is shaped by various factors, including genetics, environment, and individual experiences. Prioritize her health, happiness, and responsible pet ownership. 🐾 RELATED: Do you think …

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70 Bengal cats in poor condition rescued from breeder in Runcorn, UK

Bengal cats rescued in Runcorn from an irresponsible and failed breeder

NEWS AND COMMENT: The news media does not fully explain the situation but the story is that an animal charity has rescued 70 Bengal cats from a “horrific breeding situation”. It is very rare for a cat breeder to fail so catastrophically. We don’t know whether the breeder was an informal Bengal cat breeder …

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What is PETA’s policy on TNR (trap-neuter-release) and feral cats?

PETA on TNR and feral cats

“PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized.” The Infographic above explains PETA’s policy on TNR and feral cats in general. There has to be an overlap between their policy on TNR and their policy on feral cats. PETA has a reputation for killing cats. Some people think that they …

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Unplanned kittens: the scourge of the cat ownership world

Unwanted kittens rescued

There is no doubt in my mind that the scourge of the cat ownership world is unplanned kittens. However, sometimes they are planned by which I mean the owner allows a female cat to become pregnant and have kittens because they think a “mother” means that experience to feel whole and happy 😢. Wrong. …

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Nobody volunteered to help feral cats in Offaly, Republic of Ireland

Lack of volunteers to help out Offaly County SPCA

An organiser of the Offaly SPCA Facebook page lost their cool after nobody came forward in response to an urgent request for volunteers to help a colony of community cats. I have published screenshots of the Facebook post requesting help and after no one came forward the exasperated response. It is quite telling and …

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Factors affecting choice of cats adopted at shelters

Cat in shelter

At heart this is really a discussion about cat overpopulation in America and in the UK. Is there a cat overpopulation problem? The simple answer is, yes, because too many cats are killed at shelters because they are unwanted. However, this is a very complicated topic. Some people say that there isn’t a cat …

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We need to interview people who fail to sterilise their cats

Shelter cats are the best and there are many to choose from

Pretty well daily we read stories of people who have gotten in over their heads in caring for cats because of one simple, glaring error: they failed to sterilise (spay or neuter) their cat or cats as soon as medically possible. Yesterday I wrote about a British man who went from one cat to …

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Rare Sphynx cat up for adoption at animal shelter but is unwanted

Sasy Pants

It is ironic, very ironic that this classic looking purebred hairless cat, a Sphynx called ‘Sassy Pants’, has been relinquished to a animal shelter, adopted twice and returned twice. It appears that she is unpopular, almost unwanted and yet breeders breed these cats because they believe that they are desirable. “She is super friendly …

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