Sister and brother rescue cats separated by shelter cried for each other incessantly

Sibling cats separated at shelter and they cried for each other

This long-winded video demonstrates that shelters should keep close siblings together whenever appropriate. This is an example of separation anxiety not of a cat missing his human caretaker but of one cat missing another. Although the video is teased out … please continue reading

Animal shelter sent live animals to vet school for euthanasia and dissection

CAA animal shelter at Baton Rouge embroiled in scandalous accusations

“This is a huge issue… They’re not trash, they’re pets.” – Desiree Bender. Accusations of scandalous behavior have been made against an animal shelter in East Baton Rouge Parish causing turmoil. A spokeswoman, Ginger Guttner, for the Louisiana State University … please continue reading

Rare surrendering of cat and dog ‘couple’ at shelter

Cat and dog 'couple' surrendered at same time at Boston animal shelter

“They love each other. They feel calm and supported when they’re near each other…” This is another first for me: a story about a ‘couple’ – a cat and a little dog – who were surrendered together in the same … please continue reading

Craven County Health Director terminates shelter director, despite adoptions up and euthanasia rates down

shelter director fired

Earlier this week the announcement came that Elma Greene was terminated last Friday from her probationary employment with the Craven-Pamlico Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Here’s what we know so far. Greene was hired as the replacement for Trinity Smith who … please continue reading

North Hempstead doesn’t have a cat shelter for the unwanted. Feral colony caregivers want that to change

North Hempstead is a town on Long Island. The town has a lot of feral cats needing help and a cat shelter to help with the overall cat population. They’re the only town out of 13 on the island not … please continue reading

Photo edited picture of fat rescue cat Mitzi does not help her cause

There is a story going around on the Internet about a charming but apparently grossly overweight rescue cat whose name is Mitzi. Many news media websites present a photograph of Mitzi as grossly overweight which is a reason why, they … please continue reading