Shelter “Killed Injured Kittens in a Freezer”

The authorities in Indiana are investigating claims that a Spencer County animal shelter has been freezing animals to death. Yes, it is alleged that shelter workers euthanized (killed) kittens by freezing them alive. The information comes from the shelter employees … please continue reading

Single or Group Housing at Cat Shelters?

Cat bites shelter worker. What to do?

Please read a page about reducing cat stress at shelters. Cat shelters interest me because cat rescue interests me and lots of cats end up at cat shelters. The question that arises for shelter owners, employees and animal control people … please continue reading

DIY cat re-homing should be first choice rather than using an animal shelter

DIY rehoming is better than using a shelter

If you have to re-home your cat try and do it yourself first before going to a shelter. And the vast majority of people who are looking to relinquish their cat really don’t want to. Matthew Bershadker, the president and … please continue reading

This is How to Lower Cat Stress at Shelters

This is How to Lower Cat Stress at Shelters

According to a study more cage space can reduce cat stress at shelters, and as URIs are are linked to feline stress, lower the prevalence of upper respiratory infections (URIs). It is believed that the incidence of upper respiratory infections … please continue reading