2 things an elderly, ill person can do when adopting a cat

Charming picture of an elderly woman with her beautiful cat at home

Scenario: you are 70+ years old and want to adopt a cat companion but are unsure how to do it as you don’t want to leave your cat companion on your passing. This may be a particularly pressing issue if you are chronically ill and can foresee your death. Yes, that sounds very uncomfortable …

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Winograd’s excoriating criticism of Los Angeles Animal Services (infographic)

Los Angeles Animal Services volunteers say that cat rooms are mostly empty because the cats are turned away and abandoned and fed across the street!

In an article by Nathan Winograd published 8 March 2024, he criticises in the strongest possible terms the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and the six city shelters (pounds) run by it. He is particularly critical of Jake Miller the volunteer coordinator for LAAS. Winograd says that Miller emailed the volunteers to say that …

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Designer dog breeders abandon damaged, retired breeding bitches to animal shelters


Today, The Sunday Times reports on a worrying story about designer dogs being abandoned by breeders to shelters when they are done with them. In this instance I’m talking about the ever-popular dachshund, a breed that was particularly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic as was the French bulldog. Louise Eccles in her Sunday Times …

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‘Red’ a female tabby cat at an Aussie shelter needs a home urgently PLEASE!

Red is a tabby-and-white female rescue cat at a large shelter in Australia and she needs a new home urgently, please!

I would like to introduce ‘Red’, a charming but regular looking tabby cat who is sadly stuck at a large Australian animal shelter owned and managed by the Australian Animal Protection Society. She was surrendered by her owners in September of last year not because she was a problem to them in any way …

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Volunteer animal shelter worker banned for criticising the shelter on Facebook

Girard a volunteer at an animal shelter was dismissed for speaking out on Facebook

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a story about an animal shelter volunteer whistleblower who was banned from the shelter. It is about ‘gagging’. And it has happened before, quite a lot in the US. Rhonda Girard was a volunteer at the Beaumont Animal Care shelter. She criticised the shelter management on her Facebook page …

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Animal shelter that says they are NOT a shelter have occupied a zoo

Cat rescue operate out of a closed zoo

St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo (“Street Cats”) is a non-profit animal shelter as far as I am concerned although I stress that they DON’T describe themselves as a shelter which I find strange as it looks like a shelter and a damned impressive one as well. In the video you’ll see …

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Cats strike back against tiresome, disrespectful toddlers!

Cats fight back against babies

It had to come. Cats can take so much disrespect and mishandling. They’ve reached breaking point. Enough is enough. Bam. Splat. Take that! Pesky little kids. Leave me in peace. These are the possible thoughts of the cats in the video. That said, there are many great relationships between cats and toddlers. And I …

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Volunteer ‘steals’ well-behaved shelter animal to save his life as he was listed to be ‘euthanized’

Goofy 'Pursuit' with one of his toys

NEWS AND OPINION. This is an opinion piece based upon a good news story from the viewpoint of an animal advocate. In fact, perhaps from the viewpoint of anybody who likes to see fair play, justice and the humane treatment of animals and particularly shelter animals. I have to say, that this story is …

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