People want calm and sociable pets and for dogs, the goldendoodle is the biggest draw for a family pet

In the UK, as at 2024, the popular dog breed is the goldendoodle and the popular cat breeder is the Maine Coon as per a Pets4Homes survey.

A study based on sales and adverts placed on the Pets4Homes website which is, by the way, the UK’s largest marketplace for pets, found that people with children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are searching for calm and sociable pets. I think it would be fair to say that you could successfully argue that …

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Can you keep a cat that you find in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a public place?

Legal ownership of a rescued cat

The answer to the question in the title might, under some circumstances, be tricky but I’m going to try and simplify it. If you find a cat that has CLEARLY been thrown away i.e. abandoned, in a cruel way because you find the cat in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a …

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Tintin’s dog Snowy a wire fox terrier has suffered a 94% collapse in its popularity since 1947

Wire fox terrier and Tintin

There are many influences on a dog breeds popularity or lack of it. It is rather shocking to note that the news media reports today that Tintin’s pal Snowy, a wire fox terrier, is heading towards extinction as a dog breed and has been placed on the “at watch” list by The Kennel Club. …

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Abu Dhabi’s animal welfare laws should be used to punish those who abandoned 140 cats in the desert

Abu Dhabi animal shelter at al Falah

NEWS AND OPINION: There is a story circulating in the news media recently about 140 cats being dumped in a desert lot in the capital Abu Dhabi which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An interesting and worrying aspect of the story is that the cats were abandoned across the highway from …

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Cat brings chained dog food

Cat brings food to chained dog

This is a story told in a picture. I don’t have more information. It is charming and I believe that it is probably true but I can’t vouch for it. The picture of the cat and dog is posted on the website. I’ve turned it into an infographic image as it is very suitable for that form of publication. It is not that rare for cats to help dogs and vice versa. It is also cruel to chain dogs all their lives. Terribly cruel actually. It is done by people who are insensitive to the sentience of animals. It is the way they were raised, I guess. They don’t know better. It all comes down to education at the end of the day.

In some states of America permanently chaining dogs like this is banned. It is banned in the UK and it would be illegal to do this in the UK under more than one animal welfare law, the primary one being the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Any country with decent animal welfare laws that are properly enforced would not permit permanently chained dogs. Although most countries have animals welfare laws which would make dog chaining illegal, they do not enforce their laws with enough commitment and so it happens.

Below are some more articles on cats and dogs.

Living with companion animals has not worked out and it needs to be re-evaluated

Cat and dog domestication has not worked out as planned

Some people think that it is time to give up our cats and dogs as it is unethical and their domestication not worked out well. It’s time to end it. This would apply to other animals as well. It’s a whopping suggestion. It’s probably entirely impractical seeing as there are probably up to 500 …

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Amazing and heartwarming before and after pictures of a rescued cat

This is a "before and after" montage of a cat that was rescued from the street and then looked after. You can see the stark difference

I do not think that you will see a better before and after couple of pictures of a cat that was rescued from the street and then adopted by the rescuer. These events happen sometimes and as we can see in this montage, the cat was in a terribly messy way which must have …

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An animal’s right to be rescued

Puppies found abandoned in El Paso, TX. Hired by the city to develop policy for the city shelter, Best Friends embraced turning animals away to inflate placement rates.

In an email to me, Nathan Winograd, America’s most knowledgeable person about animal rescue, included the following statement: While closing one’s doors to animals in need may not undermine an animal’s right to live it ignores an animal’s right of rescue. Nathan Winograd The right of an animal to be rescued is something I’d …

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