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Veterinarians Are Greedy, Crooks and Scammers. No — 10 Comments

  1. I upset this veterinary confessional one day by sharing a post of theirs and giving my view. The vet posted he/she was pretty much suicidal and my comment was to the nature that I sure wouldn’t want someone like that in charge of my pets life. I violated their safe space and because I didn’t feel like squabbling I took the post down as requested. I regret doing that. Mentally unstable people have no right to be touching our pets. The people around these mental cases protect them. I have now had two out of the blue conversations about my bad vet and her issues. Everyone involved and working at the clinic knew/knows she has a problem and not one of them done a stinking thing. And that’s why I have a box of ashes where I should have my beautiful Kitten enjoying her senior years. I see this FB page as a warning to all pet owners. I consider every person employed in her office scum along with all of her friends.

  2. Like any other profession that deals with living entities, there’s the good, bad, and ugly. Kristen Lindsey has added a new category for me… “the evil and damned”.

  3. Having had pets for most of my life and dealt with vets over the course of that time, I have developed a very jaded attitude about veterinarians’ protocols and tactics.

    Not all my experiences were less-than-positive, by no means — but there is a certain undercurrent with the numerous vets I have dealt with, that they care very much about making money off your visits with a minimum of effort, time, or analysis. They’re big on pushing expensive tests and procedures and reluctant or grudging about offering cost-effective low-stress treatments or useful advice. They can sometimes be close-mouthed, uncooperative, cold, and condescending. This is not a unique perspective I am articulating.

    If society has begun to develop a negative opinion of veterinarians it’s usually based on tangible reasons.

    • Yes, I understand what you are saying. I too have similar views to yours. However, I felt a need to put some balance into the discussion. I don’t think we can say that all vets are greedy or insensitive and that sort of thing. But yes, there does seem to be an attitude amongst a number of veterinarians who prioritise financial profit over patient welfare which comes through in their behaviour. It’s a hazard we have to deal with. The trouble is that a veterinarian is combining a business with the health and welfare of animals and in truth the two don’t really go together that well. As business people they are doing nothing different to any other business person: trying to make the most money that they can from their skills and service. It’s okay when you’re selling a product like a car but when you’re treating patients and selling veterinary treatments the health of the patient is in question and under these circumstances prioritising financial reward is arguably unethical.

      Thank you for commenting. Most of my articles about veterinarians are generally a little critical, for example with respect to the declawing of cats which is a classic example of prioritising making money over the health and welfare of the patient to the extreme detriment of the patient. It is the most clear-cut example of this ethical dilemma that veterinarians work under.

      • Every Veterinarian I have encountered. Does not care about Cats. A Vet can intentionally kill your pet & tell the owner “sorry we did ore best, she or he didn’t make it. That Veterinarian still gets paid the full amount as a Vet saved the pets life.

  4. I have an amazing low-cost vet in Texas. He is a rarity. People love him and will come from a hundred miles then wait in line for 3 hours!! He doesn’t need fancy machines due to being a good intuitive (old school) vet. That said, if you need x-rays or extensive bloodwork you’ll have to go elsewhere. My contention is that many vets leaving vet school go right into a “How To Make $400K a Year Seminar!!

  5. Michael, excellent!! I, fortunately, have an awesome vet who happens to be a personal friend as well. His overall costs are VERY reasonable. Other clients have stated this as well.

    As with any profession, there are stress factors. I totally understand what most vets must deal with on a daily basis. People can really be jerks! I get this just being a dealer (croupier) in a casino!

    But, the one thing that I truly wish would change here in the USA is to get de-clawing BANNED permanently!! It is an unnecessary, cruel procedure that is actually an amputation! When anyone asks me what I think about it, I tell them “well, let’s make an appointment to have the tips of all your fingers amputated, and them we’ll see if you like it! I get some pretty wild looks when I tell them that! But it is the truth!!!! I will NEVER get a cat de-clawed — EVER!!!!!!! I really think that it began in the US as a personal issue that people don’t want their *precious furniture* ruined. It is a convenience thing. Buy them a damned scratching post!! Get real idiots!! Furniture can be replaced — lives (toes) cannot!!! My home is for my cats to live in! I let them go where they wish, sleep where they want. I do have plenty of scratching things for them. However, they still occasionally want to use the furniture — and I don’t care. It’s their home too. They are little people to me, and I treat them as such! LOVE my *kids*!!! ♥♥♥

    I will check out that page on facebook too. . . Thanks!! ♥♥♥

    • Declawing in the US gives many a vet a bad name. Since it it mutilation and torture and performed solely out of greed, it’s hard not to see vets in this country in a bad light.

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