We’ve Been Busy by Furby

We’ve Been Busy by Furby

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Practice Safe Laundry-Always check the washer and dryer for critters!

Practice Safe Laundry-Always check the washer and dryer for critters!

Hi everybody! It's Furby again! Me and mama have had a really busy week and there's almost too much to show you. I've been such a good little man this week that I celebrated by allowing mama to give me a 15 minute bed massage. And things were still going so well last night I let her give me a 15 minute lap massage. Plus I fell asleep for a few hours in her lap. Does that count for anything? Anyway, it's been a great week.

Mama took a LOT of pictures of me this week. The trouble is she kept waking me up! Who do I complain to. I love my naps. I keep hiding and she keeps finding me. I was asleep behind the couch and she woke me up for pictures AND a MOO-vie. Here's the first one.

Then a few days ago-actually it was 4 a.m., mama came running and screaming into the living room. She picked me up and started spinning me around in circles and hugging me. I thought for a minute she had a hairball. It turns out she was just excited. I'm a member of a club called 4 The Love Of Cats and I made new cat of the week!! I''m gonna be FAMOUS! YEA!! Is mama supposed to buy me catnip to celebrate? I've never won an award before.

Mama stayed up awhile after that and I did my least favorite thing. Yep-I over jumped the washing machine again. I was playing with my cat mama Lola and down I went. Mama's embarrassing me by putting that picture at the top of this story. Mama, you are so wrong for that.

Then me and Lola played a long time in the window. It's our favorite play spot and mama usually isn't up to see us. Darla tried to scratch her way out so mama and Laura have had to tape up the sides of the window. It's a three minute movie so I think mama should have to pay me for one that long. I want my own dressing room. And a fresh supply of catnip! Chilli, make Maggie help me out here. Tracey-I need Ozzie and Alfie's help. I demand more treats! Look how hard I worked for this MOO-vie. Here it is.

She made so many pictures of me there wasn't room on here to show them all. So go here to see all the newbies.

And last of all, mama has been at it with more cards. This time she's done an "I'm Sorry" line for all the kitties and dog critters who have went over the rainbow bridge. I'm glad she's finished with them for now because she owes me a few ear rubs. Here's the link for the cards.

I'll let everybody know when I get in trouble again. Have a good week!


I love the new line of cards. They're made with a program called EZCards and it's free as long as they're not for commercial use. The templates are limited but the program is easy to grasp so that makes up for it. So feel free to right-click them to save and send to friends who have lost a pet. Or as a memorial to your own pet. My gang volunteered for some of these. Rest assured they're alive and well. I used Photoscape to make the borders and Paint.NET for the script. This would make a good project for the kids in the family.

I love sharing good, easy, free programs with my cat friends here. Here's the link for EZCards.

I'll be doing more card projects. There just aren't enough hours in a day for all I want to do.

Have a good week everyone.


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We've Been Busy by Furby

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Jun 03, 2010 Maine Coon
by: Joyce Sammons

Hi Tracey! I don't know what I have in me. Maybe Maine Coon and maybe bobcat. I'm getting so big and my whiskers are so long now. I'm really the same size as Lola. I'm just all fur. That picture of me was when I had just pulled myself back onto the washing machine.

I've been hiding a lot this week. Mama got a new roaring monster to clean the floors with. I hate that thing.

Tell my buddies to play nice with your babies. That way if they grow bigger things won't backfire. I still respect my cat mama Lola. She knows judo and isn't afraid to use it on me.

Jun 03, 2010 Well done Furby!
by: Tracey (England)

Hi Furby

Well done on new cat of the week! You're a starlet!

Oz and Alf have told me to tell you that they sympathise with you being woken from naps it happens to them too! They'd help you to gang up on your mam if they lived nearer to make her stop!

Ah the price of fame and fortune!

Love your video's, you are a bit like Ozzie. Tell me; do you have some Maine Coon in your parentage?

Tracey, Oz and Alf

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