We’ve Had A Bad Week by Furby

By Furby the Feral

Lola the Cone Head and her incision before the clinic visit

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Lola the Cone Head and her incision before the clinic visit

Hi everybody! It's Furby! I hope you have all had a better week than we have. Laura was gone for a LONG time and came home Wednesday. Lola had stayed to keep ME company but that won't happen again. Has anybody ever seen a cat cry? Trust me-it's not pretty. I don't know if she was crying or praying. Or meowing at a bug on the ceiling. She was really really sad. Here she is.

The next thing I want to tell everybody is I got a collar. I don't like it. Not one little bit. It's beautiful and mama likes it so I guess I'll wear it just for her. It's green and has green and clear diamonds on it.

My favorite sleeping place this week has been on top of the big TV. I have to tell on mama and Laura. They made fun of me and tried to confuse me. They were both meowing and I was looking all over the place for the other cat. It took me a minute to know it was them. I got off the TV and went and hid for the rest of my nap. Here's the moo-vie they made before I left.

And another thing. Mama keeps forgetting about me when she goes to bed at night. I can't tell you how many nights I had to knock on her door. So a few days ago she took something off of her door near the bottom and it made a hole for me to come and go as I want.

Lola had to go back to the cat doctor today. Something was wrong with her boo boo on her belly. It scared me when mama and Laura were about to take her. I didn't want to go but I didn't want her to leave me.

When mama and Laura got back with Lola they couldn't find me. I was in the bedroom with the dogs. I didn't want to be by myself and I feel safer with Dreyfuss watching over me. He's my best buddy and he doesn't mind protecting me.

That's it for me. I'll let mama go next and tell about Lola.


Laura spent several nights with her dad's side of the family. Lola was miserable. She paced the house at night meowing for her. So no more road trips for Laura without Lola.

I have a vent hole near the bottom of my bedroom door that I removed so Furby can get in and out. So he thinks he top cat now. Well-he is top cat. He's bigger than Lola now.

We noticed Sunday night that Lola's incision was looking bad. Keep in mind she had her spaying surgery on March 10. On Monday night it looked worse. There was a little flesh poked out of the hole and part of a stitch was visible. I got online to the Humane Society of Greenwood (these are some of my favorite people because they're so good). First I took a picture of her incision site and emailed it to their website. I was very fortunate Karen (director) was on line and got back to me immediately. She thanked me for sending the picture and said it looked like a reaction to the stitches. Lola plays really hard running and jumping with Furby so it may have just been a case where the site ripped.

I spoke with the clinic around 2 today and they had us bring Lola in immediately. There was no sign of infection and I didn't want one to develop. They trimmed the knot, removed the offending stitch, glued it back together and put antibiotic powder on the site and sent her home with a cone head and care instructions.

Needless to say she is NOT happy.


We've Had A Bad Week by Furby to Feral cats

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We've Had A Bad Week by Furby

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Apr 14, 2010 Lola
by: Joyce Sammons

We don't even know what her parents look like. She was an orphan that just wandered up one day and the mama cat was nursing a litter and took her in. We got her when she was around 12 weeks old so her stepmama had time to train her to hunt and play. So she trained Furby.She's been such a sweetie since her spaying. We felt so bad for her yesterday. Her collar came today. Its pink with rhinestones.

Furby has a little cross that came today I'm going to put on his. He thinks he tough now that he can come and go in my room as he pleases. He went to sleep around my neck at some point and I woke up because I couldn't breathe.

I wish I could film them playing but they move too fast. You should see them playing hide and attack. They're more entertaining than the TV

Apr 14, 2010 Lola and Furby
by: Tracey

I cant believe Lola's markings! I have never seen such clear divisions with the colours, usually there are areas when one colour blends into the other. Lola is very unusual.

What can I say about Furby! He looks like a big girls blouse in his new collar!

Apr 14, 2010 Bad Day
by: Joyce Sammons

I seriously don't want another day like today. That poor cat. It was funny to get back and find Furby in the bedroom with Dreyfuss and Cody.

I included the picture of her incision so people will know if it looks like that on their spayed cat they need treatment for it.

Whats really funny is how loving Lola is when she gets back from the clinic. She's getting a belly rub from Laura right now.

And yes, I'm going to bed. Its late here.

Apr 14, 2010 Trials and Tribulations
by: Michael

I can empathise with all the little worries, problems and joys in Furby's stories. They reflect the cat world very accurately, I feel.

Michael Avatar

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