When will there be a Warrior Cats movie?

Every three years or so I return to this compelling topic: the Warrior Cats movie. It’s worth discussing it again. There must be hundreds of thousands of fans of the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter who want desperately to see a movie. And I think it would make a fantastic movie. I have a page on this website which is impossibly long because there are more than 1,500 comments on it. They all craved that magical movie; the proposed Warrior Cats movie which has never been made. It loads slowly so be please be patient.

Good update: there is going to be a Warrior Cats movie! Yep, it is true. The news has come through last month – January 2024. I have written about it. Please click on this link to see who is behind it. There’ll be a movie and a TV series. Both animated i.e. cartoons. I expect the films to be a big success. I hope so for the sake of all those millions of faithful and patient fans.

When will there be a Warrior Cats movie?
When will there be a Warrior Cats movie? Image: MikeB
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One fan created a fictional movie called Warrior Cats Movie (2023). And there’s been a fictional television series. I also think by the way that the Warwick Cats book series would make a very good television series.

On an ‘ideas fandom’ website there is a very detailed yet fictional depiction of a Warriors feature film. It is dated 2026. It must have been written by a fan. It is highly impressive in its detail and construction. If you removed the date i.e. 2026, you would believe that the film had actually been made. There is a yearning for this film and I hope filmmakers respond positively to it.

CGI has improved tremendously over the time that the books have been published. The original Warriors series consists of six books. The first one: Into the Wild was published on 21 January 2003. This is getting on for 20 years ago. It’s amazing to think about that. But there are still fans out there craving for a movie.

Warrior Cats RPG was a huge thing for a long time on the Internet. This is when normally young people role-play warrior cats. And they make up characters and storylines and dive into it and play the parts of domestic cats who’ve gone into the wild and created their own society and world. It’s fantastic escapism. It is built upon the popularity of the domestic cat.

I even dived in myself and wrote a 9 part series based on Warrior Cats. The central character was a F1 Savannah cat! I am quite proud of it. The story fizzled out. It told me how hard it is to be a novelist. Read it by clicking here if you wish.

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On this website I have a page about Erin Hunter, the author of the Warrior series. You may know that this is not a single person but a group of females who join together to create this highly popular book series. They made up the name. Click on this link to read about that if you wish.

Currently, the latest book in the series, as I understand it, is A Light in the Mist which was published on November 9 2021. I believe that the full title is The Broken Code Warriors A Light in the Mist. You can buy it on Amazon for £12.54 p in the UK. The point of mentioning it is that The Warriors series is still very much alive and current.

On that firm basis, I would hope that a Warriors movie is also firmly alive. There is no reason why it should not happen even at this late date.

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