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Why are black cats so unpopular? — 7 Comments

  1. My Alfonzo is a black cat. He’s the only cat I’ve ever had. He is the love of my life; I can’t say enough good things about him. When I got him from the shelter I didn’t even think for one second that he might be bad luck, that black cats are so common, or any of the things you’ve listed here!! I can’t believe that so many people do! All that I cared and care about is his sweet heart, beautiful eyes, and playful spirit. I could talk about him all day. He is my best friend in the whole world, and always will be!

  2. It’s so ridiculous that people are rejecting these gorgeous cats. I have 6 cats (yes, one got out and got pregnant…all are now desexed!), 2 are black, 3 are black and white, and the other is black and ginger. I love them all to bits, they are friendly and affectionate, love cuddles, and purr heaps – why would I not love them? I also think they are lovely to look at and I can’t imagine why anyone would think otherwise!

    • Very well said Sarah. It is strange that people are impressed by the ‘black panther’, the black jaguar or leopard, and yet turn away from black domestic cats.

  3. As obsessed as people are with fashion and fads, you’d think they would love black cats as the black hair would blend in with the black clothing. I’ve known many black cats over the years. They’ve all been fantastic pets. Sad that hair color is discriminated against.

  4. I have always loved black cats. They are exotic, shiny, sleek and elegant. So to me, none of these statements make any sense. I cannot understand how people think black cats are boring. To me they are exciting.

    • I love them too. I just that in general the human population prefers more exciting colors which reinforces the belief that even with pets people are obsessed with appearance and less concerned about character and health etc..

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