Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge (video)

Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge

I like this video because I don’t really like cat shows as they are very much about humans having fun in showing off the appearance of cats but are the cats having fun? Or are they stressed? Do cats like being herded into noisy cat show halls with tons of people milling around gawping …

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Picture of a Vampire Cat

Vampire Cat

Oriental Shorthair The Oriental Shorter is a cat which is very much predisposed to looking like a vampire although there has to be extreme breeding to create those large, bat-like ears which in the over-bred Oriental Shorthair tend to stick out sideways looking as if they are bat wings. You add to that the …

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Bizarre picture of a black cat lying on a carpet (explained)

Bizarre black cat picture

This picture caught my eye on the Reddit website (u/Comrade_Vodka). Apparently, it has been around quite a while but I have never seen it before. The title of the picture is “To make a cute panorama picture”. I don’t understand that at all! But I do understand how it was made. The original photograph …

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Stereotyping cats because of their coat colour

Ginger tabby

Sometimes people do stereotype domestic cats based on the colour of their coats. Although this is a philosophical question there might be practical consequences. Three coat types come to mind immediately: black, ginger and tortoiseshell. We associate black with sinister behaviour and superstitions; ginger cats are stereotyped as of good character and tortoiseshell cats …

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