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Anti-vaxxers say that vaccinations can cause pet autism — 5 Comments

  1. Michael, I am sorry but ” I sometimes feel that it is a manufactured illness and that autism is simply normal behaviour in children but disruptive behaviour and perhaps extreme behaviour which medical professionals have decided needed to be pigeonholed so they invented “autism”.” is ignorant.

    Asperger (high functioning autism) may be overdiagnosed (along with ADHD) in the search for a label for a child that is “different” or awkward, but autism is a crippling disorder. I have first hand experience of autistic children and adults. They are neurologically different. I was part of a fight to get proper diagnosis and schooling for a friend’s son who is severely autistic. It cannot be cured. Unlike disruptive behaviour it isn’t turned on and off at will by the individual. The effect on them is crippling because they don’t perceive the world in the same way as a neurotypical person. The best analogy is that it’s like being born on the wrong planet. Perhaps one day you will be exposed to individuals with autism and see that it is a very far cry from normal children that are disruptive (many of who are simply bored!). Really I expected better of you.

    Having said that, I don’t believe autism is found in animals because it seems to be a disorder affecting cognitive functions not found in animals (or that develop quite differently in animals).

    My cats haven’t had the flu/enteritis jabs because they show signs of having been exposed to those diseases before I got them. This was something my vet discussed with me when I started taking on older cats or cats from iffy backgrounds. In all likelihood they’ve already gained immunity.

    As neuters my three don’t interact with other cats (e.g. fighting) and they will not need to go into a cattery as I don’t spend time away from home. Two of them came from feral colony backgrounds as kittens and have been exposed to disease already. There are few strays (generally the strays have ended up with me!) and no ferals in my locality. In this instance I have weighed up the risks, along with my vet, and found the risks low enough that my cats aren’t vaccinated.

    If I lived in a high cat population area with many cat-to-cat interactions, or with populations of ferals, and if my cats hadn’t already been exposed to the major diseases then vaccination would become a priority.

    • Autism doesn’t even figure in for animals.
      I read an interesting blog about some dog breeders who have now convinced themselves that neutering their dogs is unhealthy for them. At least half of them had posts up on their wall about puppies and kittens that were going to be euthanized at their local shelters.
      Animal owners can get caught in a complete nonsense.
      We don’t line children up for yearly re inoculation in fact the recommendations for taking a booster are decades apart unless there is exposure.
      There are people like me who want the nonsense of over vaccination to stop but I have nothing to do with the NUTS who don’t want to vaccinate at all.
      About 10 years ago someone dear to me had their SO bring home some kittens. A few days later they were diagnosed with rabies. This was in a town not the countryside. Only the fact that they could prove their own pets were vaccinated were they allowed to keep them alive and in an in home quarantine.

  2. BTW I tend to believe Dr. Robb about titers. If a three year vaccine switched off at that time limit they would not allow it. Three years is within the safety threshold which is probably much longer.

  3. This is of course foolish and detrimental to your pets.
    There are no safe vaccines but the disease they prevent are serious and life threatening. Failure to vaccinate with the core vaccines helps spread disease in animal populations. Especially in this day and age when no one can leave their home without the family dog in tow.
    The 3 year rabies vaccine is the exact same vaccine as the one labeled for 1 year. No pet needs to be vaccinated for rabies more than every 3 years except they triple the cost of the vaccine for the 3 year.
    For a cat that might mean the difference of having 3-5 vaccines in their lives vs. 15-16.
    Anti vaxxers in the US are helping to spread disease like measles and mumps and chicken pox. It’s important not to confuse concerns about over vaccinating pets with quackery.

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