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Woman convicted of animal cruelty for treating her cat with manuka honey — 4 Comments

  1. Excuse me ??? Really. This woman was beyond dumb and caused her cat suffering but if she is to be cited and pilloried in public why aren’t the people we see daily in the news serving actual prison terms for acts of intentional cruelty ?

  2. I feel bad for Blacky and her owner. It’s hard when vets charge such huge fees and then won’t let you make monthly payments on it. It’s those fees, and sometimes a condescending tone from the vet or their staff or both, that has people avoiding them at all.

  3. Ouch this is a losing situation for everyone. The best that I see from it is to always check with the vet and not take chances like this. I’ll never forget when a vet yelled at me for something. I think she over-reacted but her opinion still mattered and I’ve been extra careful since. Always defer to people with more knowledge especially when it’s for an innocent animal who depends on you. It’s so tempting to try to help them yourself and not spend too much money, or money you don’t have. I’ve also resolved myself to the fact that I’ll never get out of debt from vet bills.

    • Good advice Albert. It is a sad case really. The cat caretaker seems to be a decent person but is short of funds. A desperate attempt to fix a disease or ‘injury’ at home and she was reported.

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