You want to know how far your indoor/outdoor cat goes?

This is another useful ‘map’ showing the movements of a domestic cat fitted with a GPS transmitter. I don’t know where it is. It’s clearly a suburb and the houses are detached and they appear to be single story (bungalows). There is therefore quite a lot of space so it’s possibly the US. That’s the most likely assessment or perhaps Australia. I’d suggest that suburban domestic cats travel less far from home than those living in the country.

Surburban cat movements for indoor outdoor cat
Surburban cat movements for indoor outdoor cat
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This trace shows the distance travelled of one cat. This clearly varies and in general males travel further than females. My experience from running this website is that, in general, genuinely domesticated, indoor/outdoor cats don’t go further than is shown in this picture.

There are exceptions. When cats get lost they can end up a considerable distance away but often lost cats are found a couple of blocks away from their home unless they have just moved home and have returned to their original home or tried to. Certainly if a cat is lost, the best place to look initially is within the kind of range that you see in the picture and then a bit further afield.

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  1. Please for the love of all that’s holy keep your kids inside! There is no reason for them to go outside. If you take them for a walk with a leash fine. Or, if you have an outside enclosure attached to you house okay. But keep them inside! There are too many assholes just waiting to murder these babies and they get off on it.


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