27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

This is unusual. And people ask if they should adopt an old cat. They mean a cat who is 10-years-of-age not 26! But this woman did it and this cat looks great.

His name is Thomas. He looks very elderly. Very few domestic cats reach 26-years-of-age. It is very rare indeed. He has that bony appearance as he has lost muscle mass.

I don’t think he has long to live and it is nice that his life is pretty good. The only downside it seems to me is that the good lady who adopted Thomas, Laura Cassidy, already had six cats which it seems has stressed Thomas a bit. Thomas has come into a pretty busy home and he was at the shelter for a month under the care of Baltimore County Animal Services. Laura admits he is stressed. I don’t want to be critical, far from it, but I don’t think his current home is ideal for a very elderly guy like this but it must be a lot better than a rescue shelter.

I wonder if Thomas is the oldest cat ever to be adopted from a rescue facility? It wouldn’t surprise me if he was. He has gained some fame and rightly so.

Thomas is very hungry and eats a lot. This may be due to hyperthyroidism. This is thyroid cancer. It tends to occur in older cats. The vet found a mass which could be a tumour but I don’t know if it is that area.

Thomas’s teeth are bad but they can’t operate because he is too old (the anesthetic would probably kill him). He is on a course of antibiotics to manage the gum disease.

So if you ask “should I adopt an old cat?” the answer I hope would be yes. There are both upsides and downsides. The joy of giving an old cat a nice home for the last years or moments of his life brings enormous pleasure. There will be more care in terms of health issues and you’ll have to deal with the difficult question of euthanasia if it arrives and it often does.

Source: Baltimore Sun

6 thoughts on “27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat”

  1. I think it is just wonderful that Thomas was adopted. Who knows, he may have gained a few years with younger siblings. We had a Thomas once. He was a neighborhood kitty who was dumped and found his way to our madhous2 adults, 3 youngsters, 4 dogs and 8 cats. I fed him daily for several weeks and one day he walked into our house. The vet put his age at 10-15. He was 24 (about) when he passed. He seemed to enjoy the active household he adopted. He settled disputes between all his siblings. And no one questioned his decisions. He was loved by all. Thank you Thomas. I still miss you.

  2. Thomas looks very well for his years. I think if we asked Thomas himself, the presence of his 6 housemates would pale into insignificance when compared to life in the shelter.

    Real geriatric cats are the most wonderful. & wise friends. They give so much to us, we can learn a lot about life from them

    Keep on keeping on lovely Thomas!

  3. I’m so curious about his background, whether indoor/outdoor, his diet, health, etc. Since his teeth are bad, it would seem that he may not have had regular vet care.

    He could be a subject of feline longevity studies….if there is such a thing. I haven’t checked.


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