Ageing cats and maggots

Combed-out fly eggs

There is a specific health danger for ageing cats allowed outside: maggots. Skin disorders are more common in elderly cats. The skin is thinner and more easily damaged. From my personal experience – and the circumstances must vary – my then very elderly and sick tuxedo cat used to spend a lot of time …

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Domestic cats over 7-years-of-age prefer wet food at 37°C

Heated wet cat food is more palatable to ageing cats

A scientific study confirms that ageing cats, over seven-years-of-age, prefer warmed up wet food and particularly wet food at 37°C (98.6°F). Like many people, I know that warming wet cat food makes it more palatable to all cats and particularly ageing cats who may lose their appetite as it brings out new flavours and …

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3 life stages of the domestic cat in terms of body weight and nutrient requirements

Geriatric cat

Introduction: this is quite technical. It is essentially saying that a domestic cat’s diet should be altered to take into account the cat’s bodyweight and body composition in terms of lean tissue and fat as reflected in the cat’s ability to digest fat and protein which varies throughout their life. We know that commercially …

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Do senior cats have special needs? Living with elderly cats.

Elderly cat care

Lately it seems that it’s been getting a lot more difficult for me to grasp the fact that it’s been almost fourteen years since we welcomed Dr. Hush Puppy and Sir Hubble Pinkerton, our two amazing, beautiful four month-old Oriental Shorthair kittens into our family. It often feels that it was just yesterday that …

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27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

Thomas is a 26-year-old cat adopted by a 27-year-old woman, Laura, from a shelter. Good on Laura. It is very unusual for a cat to live this long and also rare for a young person to want to adopt such an elderly cat. But elderly cats bring a lot of pleasure to the owner. Just be ready for difficult health decisions including possible euthanasia.

November is National Senior Pet Month: At What Age are Cats Considered Seniors?

Oriental SH cat

When it comes to senior pets, November is chock full of many “holidays” featuring the needs of our senior pets. This month we celebrate National Senior Pet Month, Adopt a Senior Pet Month, National Pet Awareness Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month and Pet Diabetes Month. Since PoC is mainly focused on issues pertaining to …

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Anti-aging Purple Rice for Cats


By Ruth Young I have been trying a new supplement that can actually be given to pets. Since being harmed by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic in February of 2014, I have added many supplements to my own health regimen with great results. A lot of these supplements are anti-aging products that surprisingly seem to work. …

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