Ageing cats and maggots

Combed-out fly eggs

There is a specific health danger for ageing cats allowed outside: maggots. Skin disorders are more common in elderly cats. The skin is thinner and more easily damaged. From my personal experience – and the circumstances must vary – my then very elderly and sick tuxedo cat used to spend a lot of time …

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When it is time to admit failure and rehome your cat

Old male cat screams all the time when living in a one-bedroom apartment and the female owner is at the end of her tether

There is a woman on the website who is completely at the end of her tether. She hates the cat that she adopted. She had waited all her life to adopt a cat of her own. When she finally bought her own one-bedroomed flat on the second floo she adopted an older male …

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List of oldest living and deceased domestic cats 2023

Henry who was at one time the oldest living domestic cat

Here is a spreadsheet listing the oldest living and deceased domestic cats as at 2023. I have to come clean right away and say that this list although very comprehensive might not be completely current as things obviously change and quite quickly as the living elderly cats will be dying. It needs to be …

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When do cats start to get old?

Poppy is aged 7

It is said that domestic cats start to get old at the age of seven but it is unfair to generalise as it depends on the individual cat. It can be difficult to really accurately convert cat years to human years but the age of seven is middle-aged and about 44 in human terms. …

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What To Feed A Senior Cat

Thomas a 26-year-old rescue cat

Reduced calorie intake and a high quality, protein rich diet is the general guide for senior cats. This is about feeding geriatric cats. It’s an important topic because it can prevent obesity. Feline obesity can decrease lifespan. As expected geriatric cats are less active. They require up to 30% fewer calories than younger cats. …

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27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

Thomas is a 26-year-old cat adopted by a 27-year-old woman, Laura, from a shelter. Good on Laura. It is very unusual for a cat to live this long and also rare for a young person to want to adopt such an elderly cat. But elderly cats bring a lot of pleasure to the owner. Just be ready for difficult health decisions including possible euthanasia.

USA: Cats are living longer. Some reasons why.

In 2012, American cats had an average lifespan of 12 years. Ten years earlier it was 11 years. This is about a 10 percent increase. Incidentally, the increase in the lifespan of dogs over the same period is less than half that at 0.4 percent. (note: is an average lifespan of 12 years slightly …

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