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Poppy is aged 7

When do cats start to get old?

It is said that domestic cats start to get old at the age of seven but it is unfair to generalise as it depends on the individual cat. It can be difficult to really...

Thomas a 26-year-old rescue cat

What To Feed A Senior Cat

Reduced calorie intake and a high quality, protein rich diet is the general guide for senior cats. This is about feeding geriatric cats. It’s an important topic because it can prevent obesity. Feline obesity...

27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

Thomas is a 26-year-old cat adopted by a 27-year-old woman, Laura, from a shelter. Good on Laura. It is very unusual for a cat to live this long and also rare for a young person to want to adopt such an elderly cat. But elderly cats bring a lot of pleasure to the owner. Just be ready for difficult health decisions including possible euthanasia.

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