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2nd International Cat Show of India — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you Ahsan. You are right. ” IF YOU SAVE A LIFE, YOU SAVE HUMANITY”. All living creatures on this planet form a balanced bio-system which in other terms means they are part of your life support system. Remove one of them and that will negatively affect your life.
    Please check out this amazing video that brings to light new understanding of how the presence of just one species can beneficially affect many other species, the whole landscape, and even rivers. The absence of that species brings about ecological disaster. The persecution of the cat in Medieval Europe and elsewhere brought about the decimation of the human population and caused widespread disease. That was nature getting it’s own back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q&feature=share .

  2. Loved the article and reading all about the cat show there are some beautiful cats 🙂 the only cat show I’ve ever been to was a Maine Coon one that we stumbled on and ever since then I’ve been smitten!

  3. Your cats look lovely Ahsan. I can see right away they appreciate what you are doing for them. Now they will start to call their friends so they can also experience a better life. Congratulations on your good work..

    • Thank you my friend Harvey <3

      and you are doing a greatest job, too because the fancy cats are always interested by the RICH but these cats are always ignored and they need us for the sake of welfare.

      IF YOU SAVE A LIFE, YOU SAVE HUMANITY (whether it is human beings or innocent animals)

      This is what I believe. prayers and all well wishes for you and your cats <3

  4. Michael you have done a excellent piece of reprinting my personal observations and opinions on the “Cat Show” held in Mumbai.

    This was the first cat show in the city and hence there was “Teething problems” on the first day due to a lack of competitors.

    Now everyone in the “Cat World” in Mumbai and India have been exposed to a “Cat Show” and as the years go by it should be a annual event akin to dog shows.”Cat Shows” are very popular in the “Middle East” and reading through the Middle East magazine “PET ME” edited by Mr Shree.Nair (President of Indian Cat Federation) was surprised to know that they will be having the “First International dog show” in Dubai and simultaneously the “10th International cat show” on 7th and 8th November 2014.

    The Muslim community prefer cats as pets compared to dogs and hence the preference and popularity of “CAT SHOWS” in the Middle East compared to dog shows, the total opposite of India.

    India has a sizeable pure vegetarian Hindu community although most Hindus are non-vegetarian in food habits. Hence dogs are preferred as pets as they can be fed “Vegetarian food” unlike cats who are totally carnivorous in diet.

    This could be one of the main reasons for “Cat Shows” and “Cat Fancy Clubs” in India having less exhibitors compared to dog shows.Below is a photo of my cats at home.

    • It is nice for PoC to be part of the development of the cat fancy in India. It has been fun to see it develop. Thanks for reporting on the show Rudolph. I hope your reporting has helped.

  5. Thank you Radolph dear

    I have shared it on my facebook, too.

    I will wait for your own cat’s photos sooner or later, which will be much lovly for us all, Thanks again <3 🙂

      • No Feral cat or kitten has ever opened their claws to me, ever LEAH. They are always kind to me. Only one time TUM TUM when he was 6 months old kitten clawed me and blood rushed out of the veins but he laid on my legs and weapt a lot for what he did, he was sorry. But I know that it was my mistake, not his. After that till now, he is always demanding and needs my love.

        LEAH I claim myself to be the father of cats n kittens, this is what I own for me, and thanks God that in this entire population I am the chosen one, let me be that and I am happy with them (cats and kittens) <3

  6. I must say I have thought about that more than a few times, but I already adopted 4 kittens from there. One blue cream tortie female , 1 blue/white tabby male bi-colour, 1 solid blue tabby male kitten 2 weeks old found just in time under a Coca Cola truck ready to start up, and, a red/black Turkish Van female Lucy who is booked to go to Istanbul and then Estonia, and another Demet who is a dead ringer for Nuray but from a different place. All are semi long-haired except Danny D.
    All are very sweet-natured and trusting. .

  7. That rubbish dump and surrounding area would definitely be infested with rate and mice if not for the sterling work of those cats.
    Anatolis are considered to be a short-haired version of the Turkish Van. Notice the sturdy body even in these young cats, and the wide head.
    Here is a photo of another young cat at the same place. Nuray and Daniela D are still on rodent control and kebab snatching duties on their block.

  8. There comes a time when the well-off even in cultures that are disinterested in cats see that having a really nice cat is something of a status symbol. It sets them apart from the less affluent who struggle to make ends meet and just emphasises how successful they are and can spend lots of money pampering their cat. That sounds rather anti-social but that’s the way it is but it just may cause the disinterested uncaring average person to start looking differently at cats.
    Despite having lived rough in and around a rubbish dump near an open-air restaurant (charming!) he was and still is spotless. This is probably his sister.

  9. All beautiful cats, indeed.
    I’m shocked to read of Petra Muller living with 325 cats in her villa.
    I hope that “living with” means how I interpret, which is they are all free-roaming inside her home and not caged.
    I’m saddened that less than perfect breeded kittens are killed.
    Will just shut up now…

  10. Hi Rudolph. Thanks for a fascinating look into the budding cat fancy in India. With only 2 different breeds there it looks like a lot of work has to be done to popularise other amazing cats that are better suited for hot weather countries such as the Bengal and Asiatic breeds. The Turkish cat called the Anatoli which is recoconised by the WCf would also manage quite well.. It was interesting to read about Petra Muller and her 325 Dubai cats. People criticise me for having 40 cats but you can’t have a successful conservation program with just a couple of cats.
    I hope future shows will be better attended in India as the word gets around.

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