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Too Many Cats In Urban Areas Stresses Cats — 22 Comments

  1. I think Sarah’s scientific qualifications combined with her obvious love of cats and the number of years she spent working with them at Cats Protection, elevate her status way above many of the so called experts.

    Lucky you Michael, getting to meet this amazing lady in person.

    • Sarah has a scientific, analytical brain. She likes and understands genetics completely which gives us an insight into her thinking. I am not sure she’d be a great presenter on TV though 😉 But I really like her. She has done a lot for cats. When she writes an article for PoC I donate £30 to Cats Protection Chelmsford! Nice teamwork.

  2. Dr Sarah Ellis owns two cats herself!

    Having watched all 3 episodes of Cat Watch, I can’t say I learned anything new from listening to Dr Ellis. The information she provided about cat behaviour was already in the public domain years ago, via books or from on-line web sites.

    I also found her continued mispronounciation of certain words (communial instead of communal) really irritating. I expected better of someone with her level of education.

    I’d have been much happier if they’d replaced her with Sarah Hartwell. Now there’s a lady from whom I can always learn something new and interesting about cats.

  3. This person has conducted an academic study of dubious merit in my opinion. Real life is never that simple. I have always had more than one cat and rarely have had a problem. There are indeed cats who need to be the only cat in a home, but in my experience they are in the minority. It depends on the cat. I think its dangerous when academics write this sort of generalized rubbish, particularly as countries like Australia are already anti-cat and won’t allow TNR etc. So many people seem to dislike cats here. Articles like this seem to appeal to the anti cat brigade who then demonize cats even more. I personally like to see more positive things written about the benefits we humans receive from cats and what wonderful companions they are.

    • Pippa I agree with you and have made that point in the article. 99% of articles on PoC are positive regarding cats but sometimes I have to at least present an alternative view. There are problems though with cat ownership that need addressing. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I do think she is making a sweeping statement because she is assuming all cats are the same and they want the same thing which they aren’t and they don’t. Cats have personalities.

    That said with regards to the cats in my house at the moment the balance has been upset with the arrival of Mr Jinks. He gets on with the cats and they him but he does feel this need to chase Alfie upstairs as if he is claiming downstairs as his yet he is happy to share this space with Honey and Ozzie, in fact he seems to be Ozzies best mate and vice versa; they are often together. I think Mr Jinks being a young male just wants his own home and person(s) to love now as things can sometimes be a bit tense 🙁
    This is him looking intently at the camera 🙂

    • Leah hes beautiful I love how hes got that white on the Nose, reminds me of jasmine on her right side of her face. He looks Very Calm& Elegant

  5. Her statements are at odds with those of other experts in the field who say that domestic cats are actually quite social animals as long as they can also have their own space when they need time out. It all depends on the cat(s). Having one cat on its own would be cruel if the cat is the sort that needs a feline playmate.

    • We totally agree. I think she is an academic who is relying on standard theories about cat behaviour and not recognising that the domestic cat has become a sociable companion animal.

  6. She makes too much of a sweeping statement and what would happen if every cat lover only had one cat at a time, there are too many homeless and killed already.
    Admittedly some cats are happier to be ‘the cat who walks alone’ Our Walter is one, but the rest of the cats we have had/have over 40 years have been happy to live with other cats. It’s just a matter of making sure each cat has private places to go, if they are provided for them, they soon stake their claim to their spot. Also equal love and quality time attention for each cat.
    Indoor/outdoor cats soon sort out their territories, we don’t have many cat fights here and we have lots of neighbourhood cats. The only time there is trouble is from visiting toms courting queens, irresponsible people haven’t had spayed.
    I do wish cat ‘experts’ didn’t think they know it all because no one does. But I do agree with her that it’s bad that some cats have no access to outdoors, most people could provide that in some way, even a small enclosure or balcony made cat proof is better than none.

  7. Yea I Get that from just reading the first few lines of the Article. I think sometimes People who dont really own Cats and dont have the Experience dont really know what they are talking about. Hope Charlie is doing better and you are getting some rest.

  8. Well I disagree with what she has said. My 5 Cats seem rather happy. I think maybe in a house where there is prob over 10, or more they are more stressed. I think also there possibly are other situations where the cats are stressed Like I remember Cassy in the early days was stressed as she was a cat that only like 1 or 2 persons. So I think different Cats react differently. It does take time for Cats to get along but once they have gotta along usual they are friends for life. Thats my Experience with the 5 Cats here.

    • Kylee, your experiences are similar to many others. I wonder whether Dr Ellis has been too theoretical (based her argument too much on books and what we think we know about cats) in her assessment rather than practical.

  9. Thank you for sharing this article, Michael <3

    I think that a few points of Dr. Ellis are indeed right but as you say that the cats can live in a group inside and outside, is correct but I don't doubt that she loves cats and is interesting in the welfare of cats.

    But she has to understand the fact that has been mentioned by you at the end of the essay.

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Honestly, I’ve never seen any of the discontent that Dr.Ellis describes.
    Maybe my household is a little different since most all began their lives in colonies.

    • You can see that I think she is exaggerating. It seems her point of view is a little bit entrenched in the past perhaps. The modern domestic and feral cat is quite adapted to colony or group living.

  11. Michael, i just attended the “Whiskas 2nd International Cat Show” in Mumbai and since the crowd was sparse on the first day did chance upon have a interesting conversation with the judges and the organizers on cats. Was baffled to know that German Petra.Muller (President of Middle East Cat Association[MECATS]) and a judge at the show had 325 cats living in her villa in Dubai.She is a authority on cats having founded a new breed called the “ARABIAN MAU” which was basically a stray street cat of the middle-east country’s.What would Dr Sarah.Ellis have to say if she met Cat lady Petra.Muller ? I took a photograph of myself with the cat lady Petra.Muller, a person and name i will never ever forget.

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