Assessment of cat behaviour during a cat show tells us that they are habituated to them

Cat at a cat show. The picture was created by AI's DALL E 3. The cat is a ginger tabby glamorous household pet as the cat fancy calls non-purebreds

In general cat show cats are habituated to the noise and unfamiliar people. There’s a study out online entitled “Assessment of cats’ behaviour during a cat show“. The scientits came to the conclusion that “the cat show environment represents a situation full of stressful stimuli for the cat; despite this, our results have identified …

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Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge (video)

Black cat swipes and bites cat show judge

I like this video because I don’t really like cat shows as they are very much about humans having fun in showing off the appearance of cats but are the cats having fun? Or are they stressed? Do cats like being herded into noisy cat show halls with tons of people milling around gawping …

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Prize-winning blue Persian cat carried like a sack of potatoes by owner

Patrick of Allington, a blue Persian wins first prize at a cat show at Holy Trinity Hall in central London in 1933

This is another interesting cat show photo from a different era. It shows a blue Persian cat of the traditional style (doll-face). His name is Patrick of Allington. Cat fanciers love their fancy names and rightly so. His attractive female owner carries Patrick on her shoulders as if carrying a sack of potatoes from …

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Picture of purebred cat being prepared to be judged at cat show

Picture of what a purebred cat goes through at a cat show before being shown

This is an excellent cat picture by AARON LAVINSKY of the STAR TRIBUNE of Marsha Tjeerdsma, of Springfield, South Dakota, grooming her Himalayan, “Hott Toddy,” before showing him at the 43rd Annual Saintly City Cat Championship Cat Show. The picture caught my eye. It’s a very good photo. Initially I noticed the white powder …

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