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Black cat with greying fur around the muzzle in old age

4 ways that cat fur changes with age

I can think of four ways that domestic cat fur changes with age, two of which are caused indirectly. I will start with one example. There is an overlap between cats and humans on...

Cat hair pigmentation types (fully illustrated)

A fully illustrated page on the self, tipped, shaded, smoke and ticked (tabby) cat coat hair strands and the positioning of pigmentation which is called melanin (eumelanin). Melanin is created in pigment producing cells...

How many hairs on a cat?

How many hairs on a cat?

The total number of individual hairs on a regular-sized domestic cat is: 68,250,000 (68.25 million). The calculation is 25,000 hair strands per square centimeter multiplied by 2,730 square centimeters total surface area of the cat.

Bird can use cat fur for nest building

Birds can use cat fur to build nests

It’s the bird nest building season (Feb-Aug) and I have just learned that domestic cats can contribute to the welfare of birds which is nice to know considering that ornithologists are annoyed about cats...

Cat hair strand showing the overlapping cuticle cells

What is cat fur made of?

The fur coat of a cat is made up of 68,250,000 (68.25 million) hair strands. The calculation is difficult to make accurately in my view. The calculation is 25,000 hair strands per square centimeter...

Indoor cat by the window

Do indoor cats shed seasonally?

Cats are more influenced by changes in ambient light than changes in seasonal temperatures with respect to shedding fur. Cats who spend all their time indoors are exposed to constant indoor light (and some...

Picture of water resistant cat fur

Picture of water resistant cat fur

This is a cool picture of water resistant cat fur. The cat appears to be a Bengal and he’s fascinated with water dripping from a facet (tap). The water bounces off his paw while...

Cat ruff

What is a cat ruff?

The picture explains what a cat ruff is and where the word comes from. As usual cat breeders like to employ the language describing clothing from years ago; in this case from the mid-sixteenth...

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