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Cat Claws: Example of Use — 8 Comments

  1. I wonder if a cat without claws can even stretch fully and properly after a long sleep. I think not – they stretch everything from their claws/fingers down – without a grip I doubt they can really do this. It’s part of being a cat and should not be meddled with in any way shape of form.

  2. When I looked at the photo of that pretty little cat, I thought, “I love this picture!” Then I scrolled down to see that you all had said the same thing. 🙂

  3. Wonderful claws and being used as Nature intended.
    Maybe declawed cats can climb rough surfaces like trees but it must put a strain on other parts of their body, the muscles in the stomach and back legs, to compensate for no anchors in the front paws.
    Why should cats have to adjust to living a disabled life because they were deliberately made that way by a vet on behalf of a person who shouldn’t have a cat as a pet! Those people who also totally ignore the fact that declawed cats should be kept prisoners indoors for their own safety.

  4. Kadir had to claw his way up the first 10 meters of trunk which was devoid of branches to help him. How he got down i don’t know because he got stuck up there for a long time with the crows dive bombing him. Needless to say he hasn’t tried that trick again recently. Your cat sounds impressive especially coming down head first. A cat’s claws are designed only to give a secure hold when climbing. Coming down head first they don’t give any grip and the descent can easily become an unplanned dangerous skid or drop. That was quite a feat.

    • I was amazed to watch it. The first tree she ever climbed was to the top at about 30 feet! Then she raced down. No problem. She was fearless, small, powerful and so beautiful. I always miss her and always morn her loss.

  5. My young Turkish van male Kadir recently got up a 30-40 meter high pine tree chasing some crows. He got up and got down again quite OK but the crows taught him a lesson.

    • Wow. That is impressive. I had a little Norwegian Forest Cat mix – a female – she was the most athletic and fearless cat I have known. She could do what Kadir did and she could run down a tree head first using the branches as brakes. When jumping high she would use her claws to grab the top level and claw her way up. The top level was 8 feet off the ground.

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