Do cats genuinely get stuck up trees? I doubt it.

I am happy up here. Please leave me alone and I’ll come down when I am good and ready. Thank you.

I am going to challenge the general consensus constantly repeated on the internet in hundreds of thousands of articles that domestic cats can get stuck up trees because they don’t have the ability to get down. Does that sound strange to you? How did nature over millions of years of Darwinian evolution fail so …

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Sweet mackerel tabby cat clings onto man’s leg and cries during tree rescue

Tabby cat cries out and clings on when rescued from a tree

See some interesting links to cats falling at the end of the article. The interesting aspect of this rescue is that the cat was not very high up unless the man had climbed a good distance up the tree which I don’t think happened. This indicates to me that this is a timid cat …

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The four-month-old kitten who climbed the Matterhorn


Domestic cats can climb with great efficiency and expertise. They have stamina and persistence combined with excellent balance, sharp claws and a flexible body. This kitten used all these attributes to climb unaided to the summit of one of the highest mountains in the Alps and Europe in August 1950. The newspaper clipping of …

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