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Cat Tail Up Position: Meaning and Origin — 30 Comments

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  5. I know my kitties, Michael. I am thinking that those who hold their tail up, are either about to spray, or, hopefully they are content in their own furr.

  6. I don’t think so. I think that a cat of “higher stature,” is just as likely to look for reassurance from a cat of “lower stature.”

  7. Our cats always greet us with their tails up because they are happy to see us, to me it’s just like us smiling and saying ‘hello’ to another person who we are happy to see.

    • Same here Ruth – they are all tail up when I get home and they come to greet me. I think it’s a sign of being totally comfortable and happy really. Tail up is a good thing and it’s important to keep a track of how your cats are doing in part by their tail signals. I would notice immediately if something was different with one of their tails.

      • I love tails, I actually have one! lol It’s black with a white end and I wear it for fund raising lol but I wish I really had one permanently instead of having to pin it on.

        • lol – this made me laugh out loud Ruth 🙂 Maybe if humans had tails that were constantly expressing our true feelings we’d not be able to lie and infact we’d generally be better people for it.

          • I think so too Marc, we could easily cut a hole in our clothing for it if we had a permanent tail and as they have a life of their own you are right, we’d be unable to lie and we’d be better people.

            • lol that does conjure up a graphic image in my mind lol
              I should calm down and remember I’m an old lady and old ladies don’t talk about tails 😉

          • Marc, if we had tails that can flick and express our emotions, when our other genuflex fail us, then, well, we rely on biting. sometimes. {Michael, deflect this, would you?)

            • Out late mother used to bite us quite a lot, she was totally feral, thank goodness she hadn’t many teeth.

              • I don’t believe that 😉 What was the bite for: love or discipline? I haven’t read the entire thread of comments so the answer might be in there somewhere.

              • lol Michael she was just a natural comedian who had a very hard life but never complained and she was the greatest cat lover ever! Sadly she had many illnesses in later life and became disabled and of course Babz and I looked after her. We’d call her feral when she used to hate going in her wheelchair and then she’d bite us…..give us a whack with her stick too at times lol
                The legacy she left us was the best ever, her love and care for all cats and we try to live up to being the wonderful lady she always was and see the funny side of things, laugh when we feel like crying and then carry on.

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