Vet gives us his three top tips for cat owners

Amir the TikTok vet

This veterinarian, Amir Anwary, who is successful on the social media website TikTok, provides us with his three top tips for cat owners which are: Changes to diet This is discussed quite a lot on the Internet. Amir emphasises the potential problem. For me, he might be overemphasising it. Also, changes in diet can …

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In a multi-cat home how can you tell if there is bullying?

Cat is a bully?!

Sometimes in multi-cat homes a cat might bully another or others. Normally, the reason is because there isn’t enough space for individual cats to call their own. Their compressed home ranges overlap which causes stresses which can lead one cat who is dominant to bully another. It might not be readily apparent that one …

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Domestic cat maternal aggression

Domestic cat maternal aggression is instinctive

Domestic cat maternal aggression is also referred to as maternal protective aggression. It’s what you think it is: a queen’s protective behaviour towards perceived threats to her kittens. It’s a natural instinct when she is caring for her young. In Peter Neville’s book Do Cats Need Shrinks? a client of his, Susan Swift, asked …

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A shelter cat should be allowed to choose their caregiver

Shelter cats

They say that if you are at an animal shelter looking to adopt a cat, you should let the cat choose you. The same applies to dogs. It sounds like a nice idea. It’s almost sentimental and a bit cute but is it practical? I think it is but it depends on how you …

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Minimising wet cat food waste

My cat Gabriel

I have several pages on minimising wet cat food waste. One concerns ensuring that your cat eats all the wet cat food provided. Click here if that interests you. The method is presented in an infographic. This is another ‘tip’. Although I confess that I am not a great fan of giving tips. It …

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Can cats be gay? Can male cats be gay?

Can cats be gay like humans? No.

People ask Google for an answer to the above couple of questions and today, in The Times, we have an article reporting on a study into “gay behaviour” of non-human animals which I think will help answer them. The research is published in the journal Nature Communications. Same-sex sexual interactions can serve to form …

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Cat bed den infographic

Which den would a cat prefer?

A compact infographic on the cat bed den. This is the place where your cat sleeps. They might use it during the day when their owner is more active. The infographic is centred around a picture I just took of two cat bed dens side by side; one made with cheap materials, made for shipping an Amazon product and free and the other made for the purpose and expensive. My cat prefers the free one.

Often homemade cat products are the best. The classic example of homemade cat products is the cat toy. You can buy plastic ones online or use a bit of string or a ball of paper. Or perhaps make your own cat tease – a feather on a stick. Note: string should not be left on the ground.

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