Do cats need to socialize with other cats in order to be happy and healthy?

Cats friendly with each other

Do cats need to socialise with other cats in order to be happy and healthy? What the question is asking is whether a domestic cat needs to successfully live with another domestic cat in a good relationship in order to be happy and healthy. And the answer is no because there are many millions …

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Famous viral video of pianist and his cat is a FAKE

Fake - he is not making the music we hear

You might know this cat video. It shows a male pianist playing a nice piece of classical piano music. The cat is on his lap with their paws on the keyboard. The cat has a great relationship with the man which is very apparent. It went viral some time ago and has probably been …

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My boy cat just got neutered, and his loving sister is hissing at him. What’s going on?

Just neutered and his loving sister growls at him

This is the full social media question: “My boy cat just got neutered, and his sister, who he normally cuddles with, is hissing and growling at him? What’s going on?” I have seen this kind of question quite a lot on social media. This form of feline behavior can be a bit disturbing for …

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Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped snuggle

Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace

You know that most (75%) ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the genes that dictate the ginger coat is sex-linked. Therefore, this is a very woke little video in which you can only tell it is a video when one of them moves his ear 😊. In human terms this is a couple …

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Adorable, loving friendship between Pitbull and Russian-bred Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat, Earnest falls into the arms of Hemingway, his Pitbull dog friend

Samantha, on TikTok, captured a sweet moment between her Pitbull dog, Hemingway, and a Russian-bred polydactyl Maine Coon, Ernest. Hemingway invites a cuddle from his cat companion. Hemingway slides forward with his forelegs to make contact with the cat’s beautiful, plumed tail. The plumed tail and the lynx-tipped ears and the general appearance, plus …

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Why do cats lick each other?


Why do domestic cats lick each other? The answer is the one you’re thinking about! It is a social exchange that can follow the friendly tail-up greeting. Mutual licking between cats is called allogrooming. Incidentally, the word, as you might imagine, is a combination of ‘allo’ and ‘grooming’. You know what grooming means. The …

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Do feral cats meow?

Feral cat greeting

In general, feral cats do not meow. This is because it is usually a learned vocalisation between domestic cat and human caregiver which is employed to ask for something. We hear it a lot. In short, it a product of cat domestication. However, I would expect that the meow must have entered the feral …

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