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Chester and George: Best Buddy Picture — 22 Comments

  1. Chester says:
    These 2 used to be my BFF but now they avoiding me cos I bite and pounce and bite and pounce. I am in charge and power feels good! Stay up there yer wimps. ..

  2. I just can’t get enough photos and videos of little Chester! I really doubted he would make it this far, but I’m so glad he did and that he’s romping around, playing like a normal kitten, driving the older cats crazy–and then falling asleep surrounded by his toys!

    • lol poor George. I remember Ebony hating our Walter like poison, even hissing at him as he was such a pest to her, until Jozef came along and they played together and left her in peace.

  3. Marion says:
    Chester and toys. He is worn out again after attacking everything that moves including us. He is killer cat now…

    • look at him laid there with his ‘booty’ all collected around him. his fur is coming back in beautifully. looking at him here no-one would guess what had happened to him. he looks like peace itself while asleep, i bet he dosnt when he’s running round wild, playing with all of his toys. lovely. ‘killer cat’ lol

  4. you said what i was going to say michael, the contrast between the two pics, the first one we saw of chester and this one, fantastic! i love the confidence he has with his pal george. well done marion you have done the most amazing things with this little fella. wouldnt it be great for chester and george to stay together.

  5. I love everything about the picture. George looks like such a gentle soul and Chester is so relaxed under his big paw! Chester has some mighty paws as well looks like he might be a big lad when he’s older.

    • It is a picture that is so much in contrast to the first picture of Chester covered in oil. It is thanks to good people who care about cats and animals. The world is divided between those who care and those who don’t and those who like to hurt.

    • Yes I was thinking his paws are so huge he’s going to grow into a big boy,I hope Marion keeps him he looks so content with George and to separate them now might upset them both.

  6. I just love this photo, George looks so serene and Chester so trustingly relaxed and protected by him.
    I think it’s one of the most wonderful photos I have ever seen and both cats are a credit to Marion’s tlc.

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