Price, size and glamour of Savannah cat often depends on their filial

F6 Savannah cat compared to F1

I recently reported on a current news media story about the popularity of the Savannah cat in the UK. Pets4Homes say that from their online adoption data that the Savannah cat is Britain’s third most popular cat breed. And The Times newspaper, which reported on this say that kittens can sell for up to …

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What are the top five most expensive cat breeds in the world?

Bengal and Sphynx cats

Here are the top five most expensive cat breeds in the world (2024), along with their fascinating features and price ranges. This list is somewhat subjective. There are many infuencing factors which dictate price and these cut across the breeds. But this list is a fair answer to the question. The sources are numerous …

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Woman offers $10,000 reward for the safe return of her F1 Savannah cat

$10k reward for return of F1 Savannah cat

This story tells us a lot about ‘exotic pets’ including F1 Savannah cats. The video is useful as it tells us a bit about the owner. She’s lost her F1 Savannah, Mika, when he “ran out the of the house Tuesday March 5th in the Casa Loma area”. This is in Toronto, Canada. He …

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Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats?

Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats

The answer to the question in the title is, YES. But the reason why I ask the question is because a lady on a page of mine about serval cats as pets said that “The Savannah, like servals, cannot be vaccinated for distemper, FeLV and other cat diseases which means they cannot safety be …

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King Tut at Big Cat Rescue – Savannah Cat or Chausie?

King Tut at BCR. F1 Chausie or Savannah?

King Tut is a wild cat hybrid. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) have decided that King Tut is a Savannah cat but they weren’t sure and they still might not be sure because his appearance, to me, is not a classic high filial Savannah cat appearance. And King Tut looks a little bit like a …

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