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How do I care for my pet AFTER I declawed her? — 12 Comments

  1. Sorry, I have just noticed the typo in the title 😉 ! I copied it from Libby’s comment and was totally blind to it. It is now corrected. I am word blind old man.

  2. “How Do I Care For my cat after i declaw her? You arse, give her to Somebody that cares more than you DO, that’s what you do, perpetrator!

    • You make yourself clear, Caroline. Thanks. I know the title is a bit difficult to swallow for people who love cats and hate declawing but it does give me the opportunity to write about the complications and problems, which should put some people off. That is the objective.

  3. Good article Michael. Can I add one more tip please?

    Find a vet to care for your cat who DOES NOT DECLAW cats. Only vets who refuse to mutilate cats are likely to spot declaw related problems and treat them honestly and well. Going back to a vet who mutilated your cat for you, and expecting them to acknowledge the problem was one of their causing is not going to benefit the cat.

    …also, put some money aside each month to pay for the immediate complications of declawing and also the long term ones, which take a while to show up.

  4. No there should be no need for a page like this but as there is, you have done a very good job at trying to educate people who have their cats declawed.
    I hope it saves some cats claws when people see all the pain and suffering declawing causes, only the most heartless can surely go ahead after reading your article.

    • Thanks Ruth. I hope so too. My thought was to tackle the problem from the other end so to speak.

      Pro-action is far better – preventing declawing – but if it has been done perhaps when people read of the complications and the extra care needed they might pass on the message to others who are thinking about it, that declawing isn’t what they thought it was.

      Declawing creates more problems that the original “problem” – scratched furniture.

  5. Surely the question asked by Libby shouldn’t have needed asking!
    How come the vet who amputated her cats toe ends on her behalf didn’t advise her on follow up care for her newly disabled shocked cat?
    I don’t care WHO I upset, declawing IS cruel major surgery and the vets who are eager enough to fill their bank accounts by doing it should at least ensure that the cat is cared for properly after this barbaric procedure.
    No I don’t think you’ve missed anything Michael and I admire your politeness to this person who far from showing annoyance at those who hate declawing should be hanging her head in shame at having had this done to her cat.

    • I agree with you Ruth. Declawing is monstrous. You know my feelings on declawing. I just want to fill a gap in internet knowledge to help cats who have been through it. There should be no need for a page like this.

    • Ruth I totally agree with you I don’t care who I upset either. Its a pity she didn’t come on PoC before the declawing looking for advice she would have certainly seen some interesting articles and graphic pictures which lets face it de-claw vets don’t want anyone to see.

      Michael I think you have written a very informative article much more than some people deserve although its clear you have written it to hopefully help cats not their selfish owners 🙁

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