I Forgive Andy Murray

Andy Murray prefers dogs to cats

Photo by Kate

Andy Murray prefers dogs to cats 🙁 .

He has two border terriers as animal companions. Their names are Rusty (Rascal) and Maggie (Mayhem). It seems he likes a bit of action.

I forgive him. He likes animals. His dogs travel with him when he goes to Miami for training. Good. That is the way it should be.

I congratulate him on winning Wimbledon, the first Brit to win the tournament in 77 years. He’ll be knighted for this.

The country will celebrate and we’ll have a national holiday! Maybe.

I thought it was a fantastic performance from Murray. I was also impressed by Novak Djokovic. He is not only a great tennis player and fighter but a gentleman. Well done.

Just had to post this even if it has nothing to do with cats. Sorry. It is a bit of British history. The Scots will say it is a bit of Scottish history particularly when they become independent – if they become independent.

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I Forgive Andy Murray — 4 Comments

  1. An excellent tennis match in which the entire celebrity royalty of Britain was glued including Prime Minister Mr David.Cameron.Were the British expecting a win after 77 years of drought and wonder what were the “Betting Odds” of a Andy.Murray win ?As for me watching from the television sets in the comfort of my home realized that Novak Djokovic was losing the match as soon as he had some temper outbursts against the judge over some close line-calls.As for Andy.Murray, despite not a cat owner he performed acrobats and theatrics that would be worthy of the most agile feline. A excellent match which surprised me at the straight win result of Andy.Murray.His girlfriend was whistling in the stands, a day to remember for entire Britain.Unbelievable that it took 77 years for a Briton to win Wimbledon since Fred.Perry won before World war-2.

    • despite not a cat owner he performed acrobats and theatrics that would be worthy of the most agile feline.

      I should made a headline from that! Agile Murray’s Frenzied Feline Attack of Djokovic! or something like that.

  2. Why – is he Scottish? Also – even if they do win the vote within themselves to become independant will the government allow it? Sorry I haven’t been following any of it.

    • Yes, he is Scottish so the Scots will claim him! If he lost he would be British. The British government has allowed the Scots to be independent if they vote for it. Can’t stop them. However, it won’t happen because Scotland will be worse off. Half of all Scots are a net burden financially on the UK rather than a contributor. Most work in government of some sort!

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