Kissing Kittens

This is the first time that I have seen this sort of behavior. The video (animated .gif file, actually) is a bit peculiar and I hope it plays for you. Below the video is a still image in case the video disappears. If you click the object in the middle you get music and the object disappears. It just repeats so you’ll have to stop it! It is interesting cat behavior so worth showing and cute…..You have to have some cuteness on a cat website.

Kittens Kissing

Kittens Kissing

This kitten behavior could be the nose-touch-cat-greeting being done in an unconventional way! That is my impression.

The kittens look as if they are calicos — tortoiseshell and white coats. You can see the hint of orange fur. They appear to be random bred cats.

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  1. They’re a couple of little loves, they look very young and unsteady to me as though they’re just starting to sit up and take notice, I think it’s their first attempt at play fighting. I hope wherever they are now they are safe and well cared for.

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