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  2. Red was beautiful,it’s plain to see he was happy and well loved. So sad that his life was cut short but I think he would have chosen to live as he did for the time he had.

  3. Red was a lovely boy and had a good life with you Marc,I hope no one makes you feel guilty the accident happened.
    I hate it that people are made to feel it’s wrong to let their cats out,yes it’s dangerous in some places and yes accidents happen but like Ruth says it’s circumstances should decide not someone telling you it’s always bad.I’m so upset for that poor cat had his freedom took off him and is ill,so much for keeping cats safe inside.
    I hate it that people have made this world unsafe for kids and animals,why should they pay the price for progress?

  4. Red was a beautiful cat and his love of outdoors is plain to see. How could you ever with an easy conscience confine such a free spirit? You could not! No more than we could keep Walter and Jozef prisoners, the quality of their lives and ours would be unthinkable.
    I believe in fate and although Red’s life was short and you are still heartbroken Marc, he obviously enjoyed every moment of it. Accidents happen indoors too and stress related illnesses happen to frustrated cats.
    I have a contact who was made to feel so bad about allowing her cat freedom she felt pressured to keep him strictly indoors, he paced for months, crying, from door to window before he gave in…I call that breaking a cat’s spirit….he now has serious bladder problems.
    A (maybe)long, frustrated life indoors or a life of freedom with its risks?
    Life is for living.
    Some cats are content indoors but not all are, we have to decide on their behalf, according to their nature and weigh up the pros and cons.
    6 months is no time at all to be bereaved Marc, you are very brave to allow us to share your pictures and videos.
    I am looking forward to seeing more.
    Take care x

    • Thanks Ruth, for the moment my cats are ‘ok’ indoors. Not great, but they seem to be doing pretty well. They didn’t spend the first 6 months living outside as Red did. The other problem I have is Lilly is not entirely my cat so I can’t let her out. The other 2 are mine but there’s no way to let them out and not Lilly. Also, I have tried a couple times. As soon as I let Lilly out she goes right to the spot where Red died by this dangerous road. Watching her run accross my road to get there scares the hell out of me. Lilly is social, she goes where there is action and people. It’s frightening. I let her out a couple times near the beginning alone and she kept choosing to go to the most dangerous places so I just said no. I couldn’t forgive myself if she died a month later in the same place as Red. But Lilly used to be an indoor cat who we took to the countryside to let outdoors for long weekends. So she is used to the indoor life. I agree with your philosophy though. When the weather gets warm this is going to become very difficult and they will want out. I will see about paying some people to enclose my balcony. Its rather difficult though and othersin the building might not like it. We are have our Eigentumerversämlung (house meeting or sonething like that) in March. I might ask, or I might decide to just do it incase if I ask a somebody says no.

      • Like all people who love cats I think you struggle (and rightly so) with the indoor/outdoor dilemma. I do. I wish the world was a bit safer for the cat. Cats should be outside smelling the grass etc.. Red was a beautiful free spirited cat. I think I can sense his thoughts.

  5. I was already in bed last night when you posted this Michael. It’s Red and Lilly actually – Lilly is the all black cat and her and Red loved eachother tons. The video is the first time Red ever went out in the snow. This whole article started when I mentioned in a comment something about the first snow and Red being very connected in my mind. I said I had a video and Michael asked for it. I actually sent michael a ton of pics and videos – he’s probably a bit overwhelmed!

    • I’ll do a second one and add some more pictures. I’ll change the name to Lily and re-upload it. I have learnt that less is more on videos and even articles most times. It is trying to get a “feel” rather than providing information. I hope you found it at least satisfactory.

      • Great Michael – absolutely. I can’t watch the music one without bursting into tears – but it’s all very nice music and so on. I’d suggest the vid or red and the trampoline and a couple of photos of him in a vid accompanied by the vid of Red and Lilly snuggling. So 2 vids in one article … And throw in whatever stills you want of him.

        Another article I’d suggest is 2 vids – lilly on the train and lilly with the mat 🙂

        We can worry about my current trio of lilly molly and gigi after.

        …and gigi in canada after that 🙂

  6. The video is so bittersweet. You can see the great love and admiration you two shared in Reds body language giving you a sort of cat hug when he was on your shoulder. His was a good life. Never a wasted moment.

    Your life is richer having known him. I’ll watch him frolic a dozen times.

    • You are right – his life was perfect. I’d say the only difficult moment he had was right after his operation when he first came to our new apartment and I kept him in for a few days. He had an operation and was in a new place so I didn’t want to let him out right away. He stayed close to me those days and I took time off work to be with him. He got a little sad being stuck inside but it was very short. Other than that he was always busy playing with me and going on adventures or sleeping happily. He was a happy cat.

    • I am pleased you said that because it was a very sweet life but the bitterness is the early loss. I wanted a slight hint at that but I don’t know if Marc disagrees with that. He might!

    • Thank you Dan. He turned out to really love the snow. That was his first time seeing it and being in it – literally he jumped down off the balcony and went out into the garden and I started the video recording. You can see he is chasing the falling snowflakes. He always acted sill when I was watching jumping up on trees and stuff. He was quite silly when I think about it – he loved to dart around.

  7. Hi Marc and Michael.

    Red is a very beautiful cat he also looks huge compared to your other cat! He comes across as very intelligent as well. I love his long coat and beautiful colours and stripes.

    I really enjoyed the video I actually felt the love you had for each other however I was so sad to hear you lost him too soon. It breaks your heart doesn’t it when you develop that special bond and then just like that they are gone. They leave such a huge empty void in your life.

    Thanks so much for sharing it must have taken such a lot to decide whether to share his images or not but so I’m glad you did he really is lovely.

    • Thank you Leah – you are right, I guess after making anough comments on POC about Red I sort of realised I was ready to send some vids and pics. Its been a little over 6 months since he died (on the last day of June).

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