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The first article in the Cat Village series was: Would You Like to Live in A Cat Village?

and this led to: Cat Village

In which, in her comment, Caroline suggested we have a new page entitled ‘The Kattaddorra Test’ and I thought that might be a bit of a fun article.

So here it is:


The kattaddorra interviews
The kattaddorra interviews. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra.
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To be welcome in Cat Village everyone must pass ‘The Kattaddorra Test.

Interviews will be carried out by a team of five experts from PoC who will question applicants thoroughly on their knowledge of cats. As we have more than five experts we will have to devise a rota so that it will be random whom applicants have to face, which expert will carry out the actual interview and which experts will listen to the replies.

To be allowed to live in Cat Village applicants must have five yeses from the panel. Don’t worry if you want to join us but you don’t know all there is to know about cats, our experts admit there is much to learn and the only condition is to be willing to do that.

The following questions are amongst some of those you will be asked and you only need to answer them truthfully:

  • Are you a Cat Adorer? Maybe you say you love them or you worship them, it means the same.
  • Do you believe a cat is for life, through good times and bad, part of the family, not to be disposed of like an unwanted possession?
  • What is your opinion on declawing cats?
  • Do you believe that cats deserve a healthy diet and veterinary care, even though you may be short of money would these be a priority?
  • Should all cats be inoculated, neutered and micro chipped?
  • What is your opinion on bathing cats?
  • Do you believe that flea baths and flea collars are toxic and can make your cat ill or even cause his death?
  • How long would you happily leave your cat on his own?

There must be many more questions to be asked, these are only a few I’d ask if I was conducting the interviews. What questions would you ask if you were on the Kattaddorra Test Panel?

Now I’ve been thinking of the PoC people who have both cats and dogs and it wouldn’t be very nice not to have them around, so maybe we need a Cat and Dog Village too, right next to Cat Village where people with well behaved dogs along with their cats could live.

I know a real softie of a dog who lives near us, her name is Rosie, she’s a King Charles Spaniel and she wags her tail at our two cats. So we must not discriminate against all dogs, only the noisy ones and the ones who chase cats.

Yes Cat Village and Cat and Dog Village could exist nicely side by side.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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40 thoughts on “The Kattaddorra Test”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Another question ‘What would you do if you met someone new and you fell in love and wanted to live together but he/she was allergic to cats and wouldn’t try any anti allergy remedies, the choice was him/her or your cat?
    That question would ‘sort the men from the boys’ lol

    1. That is a very telling question. Because for some people finding a person they can live with is huge and it would tragic to give that up even for the best of reasons. I think you would have to try and find a compromise.

      If the allergic person refused to find a solution that in itself would probably tell the other person that he/she was not right anyway as it would confirm that he/she was not committed to making the relationship work.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    lol can’t resist adding this ‘Any free roaming Woodys would be shot on sight by our village guard’
    lol lol

  3. Great poster, great questions and a great interview panel so far, as I’m usually the “death watch” member of POC my question would be “What provision have you made for the care and welfare of your cat if you should pre-decease him/her?” the right answer would of course be that there is someone named in a will, or someone known to be trusted who would adopt the cat, or arrangements have been made with Cats Protection Cat Guardians or the Cinnamon Trust (or the US equivalent)should the worst happen.

    1. Nice question. How about we have a mutual agreement between all the residents of Cat Village that when a member of the community dies the remaining members automatically take on the deceased’s cats. It could be one of the conditions of living at Cat Village. It would allow continuity for the cats. Maybe everything the deceased owned went towards the Village too. We all had the same Will 😉

      1. I like that idea very much, if we didn’t have to worry about our cats’ future we wouldn’t be too scared to take in more cats as we get older in case they outlived us.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Yes a very good question and Babz you would be essential to our village because of course we will need a Funeral Parlour and who better to care for our loved ones in the Chapel of Rest than someone renowned for her empathy and kindness to families at their times of bereavement.
      Michael’s suggestion is good as of course we would care for each others cats, making a joint will would be a good idea and leaving anything we possessed for our cats care.

  4. I love the poster and can’t think of any more questions off the top of my head but I can answer all the ones already asked so when is my interview lol lol

  5. Some possible questions on the application form or at the interview:

    1. How long have you lived with a cat or cats?
    2. What are your views on declawing?
    3. What does “respect the cat” mean to you?
    4. What is the best cat food?
    5. Is playing with your cat important and why?
    6. What are your views on cat punishment?
    7. How do you keep your cat healthy?
    1. hmmm…”cat punishment.” Well, I am all for it. As a cat-person, U can think of nothing better than being punished by a cat.
      (did I pass?)

        1. Ooooh are we going to be in to naughty things whips and all but not for the cats for other villagers roflol sorry I don’t wear leather but I could put my cat mask on 😉

  6. LOL! “What is your opinion on bathing cats?” Oy my goodness, that one had me near tears–I can just imagine interviewees sucking in their breath on this one…rofl. I think you might also ask, “How would you respond if your cat is sound asleep, happy and content, tucked in to the crook of your knees or on your belly, and you feel a strong urge to pee…?”

    1. LOL. That is a testing question. I’ll have to try and answer it. I think the answer is to compromise. Wait 5 minutes and then politely ask if you can have a pee. Lift him off your lap gently and position him comfortably in the place you have just left.

      Would that answer get me into Cat Village?

      1. I’m going to have to disagree with our lead panelist and expert, Ruth(Kattaddorra). While your answer was very good, Michael, it is my opinion that you should not move until you absolutely cannot STAND it. then, and only then, politely excuse yourself, gently cooing and scratching Buttercup under the chin. Caveat, from Keira on Striker [Michael, pls insert link for me?]

        “Little did I know that even though I had setup a litterbox near the tub and made my bed next to it with comforters, pillows and the likes that he would pee on me because we were so joined at the hip. He slept so soundly he didn’t get up to use the litterbox… Boy did I get a rude awakening!”


          1. I don’t know that that is better judgement, which is why I added the caveat (course that was the cat and not the cat’s human). In fact, Michael, you DO deserve the highest residence in [Ruth’s] Cat Village. And, furthermore, imho, you should be the one to allow Your cat to bite the ribbon on the groundbreaking ceremony! 🙂

          2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            No Michael was right! Holding it too long can cause bladder problems especially to us older people and as Michael would be very valuable to our village we can’t have him being ill. Also, having an ‘accident’ if you wait too long is not only uncomfortable and embarrasing but it causes a lot of washing too lol

              1. Well, I did not know that there was another comment here.

                I had no idea. I am new to this “communal couch.” So please, I beg of you, tell me when I stpudily introduce a faux pas. {Michael, insert my proverbial foot in to my usb port, or better yet, create a page that allows those of us who are a bit slow, to become acquainted with the rules and protocols, and it would be nice if it were accessible from the proverbial “Home” page. whew. that would save me from aLOT of embarrassment, thank you in advance.] sorry, I am still trying to understand the sensitive differences betwixt and btwn. Tories and nonTories…?They are no diff. from ours. just a different vernacular separated by a few ocean winds and waves.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Yes a trick question sneaked in there Caroline lol and we all know the answer should be that cats clean themselves and should only be bathed if they are too dirty to do that or have anything that could be toxic on their fur.
      As for a cat sound asleep on a person dying for a pee, yes Michael you’ve passed with flying colours. It’s what I have to do if Jozef is lying next to me in bed and I’ve waited as long as I can but any longer and the pair of us would be in a wet bed lol

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Caroline you are invited to be on the panel too because of your amusing but important question about our bodily needs, we do need someone to ask delicate questions like that.

  7. Another good question to ask is “how do you react when your cat inadvertently bites or scratches you for no apparent reason?” Very important to know. We can’t have folks who yell or punish cats in our village.

    I can already picture the community catio area where we can sit sipping tea watching the cats lounge, stretch and roll.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Dorothy you are elected to the Kattaddorra Test Panel because of your very wise question, you are right, no one who shouts at or punishes cats in any way would be welcome.

    2. hmmm…for no apparent reason.” Well, as you know, there is always a reason. If we have no reason, then, why do we exist? 😉 Without reason? [sorry]
      Dorothy, you are brilliant to introduce this. If the catmoron cannot answer this– the catlover can. Indignantly, probably.

  8. Love the poster. I can actually really see it happening because the poster brings it to life ;). The standard would be high, very high because the applications would dramatically outweigh the places available.

    Just image how excellent the residents would be. I think the selection procedure would be very important. It would ensure harmony.

    I wonder whether we should interview the cats too? If they got on with Jozef, Walter, Gigi, Marvin and Charlie that would do.

    There would be no harm in interviewing the cats too. It makes sense.

    Once the cat village had been in existence for 1000 years and more, the cats would interview the humans 😉

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