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Turkish Van Cat Facts For Kids — 5 Comments

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  3. Hi Michael,

    Most of pages in internet only teach us the same, repetitive information, a broader perspective is rarely considered. However your articles are very different in a good way 🙂

    Yes, Van patterned cats are… Anatolian moggies. Van patterned longhaired cat in Turkey – it’s the same Angora, it’s not about the connection – well, it’s the same cat just in other coloring. In Turkey all cats come from same random-bred stock, yet when we talk about pedigree Turkish Van, it’s not completely clear is it still for most of part Anatolian moggie or it is slightly changed. We can expect anything from the cat fanciers…

    We often see Van lake is always attached to ”Turkish Van” breed. In reality, Van Lake connection to patterned cat is the same like Himalayan cat breed’s relation to Himalayan mountains… Laura Lushington, a famous Van breed creator, believed that cats with auburn markings on tail and head came from Van Lake, just BEFORE she had seen the region and its cats with her own eyes. It means she got no idea which cats lived in Van (additionally, all her cats came from different cities) yet imagine the absurdity of someone who claims they know about the Van cats, but have never seen them! (The source: “The Swimming Cats of Van” by Laura Lushington in Animals magazine, 1965)

    In Turkey there is only one type of cat no matter the color or fur length. It’s Anatolian moggie (Anatolian natural breed, race if you feel it describes them better …). It’s a special cat with a really long history…

    There are many things we don’t know about this breed. Our Association is going to publish an article about The Turkish Van in ACA website soon. Maybe it will be useful for our further study of Turkish cats…

    Kind Regards

    • I am so pleased you are around and can find the time to comment because you add really excellent information to the page – thank you. The Cat Fancy likes to create fancy histories and stories about their cats to make them more interesting to people in the West. Personally I find the real, true Anatolian moggies far more interesting and attractive than the glossy, selectively bred show cats in Europe and North America.

      I would love to see a complete change to the cat fancy. One that was centered on the cat and its true history and origins with a focus on health.

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