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A Message to Kristen Lindsey from Leroy — 30 Comments

  1. Yes but if you frustrate psychos by deleting them…they could retaliate by carrying out their threats against animals…They are sociopaths…like that Sam Woodsman you wrote about…a sociopath who enjoys engaging others in conversations about killing… It’s how they get off…If they’re frustrated, they DO it… It’s like serial killers and sadistic porn…
    The only way to deal with them permanently, is when they’re gone from the earth… sorry to say…but the truth…

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that many people condone the mistreatment of feral animals, particularly cats. There are so many miserable people in the world who feel a release by torturing vulnerable animals, and watching them suffer. Trolls remind us that we live among mentally ill or people who grew sick because they were neglected or abused by someone they trusted. Our mental health system and/or the lack of judges willing to enforce the cruelty laws certainly don’t help control these behaviors. Our jails are full so the court lets them go, or puts the on probation. These type of abusers are so angry and tormented that they eventually turn to some sort of human tortures, mentally and physically hurting their partners, children, parent friends, or homeless people.. Animals cruelty is their gateway drug to human torture. The sort of people we are dealing with who set out to abuse feral animals are rarely able to be rehabilitated. They believe that it’s their right to inflict pain, since the world or people in it has done them wrong. In some cases these types of individuals may believe they are performing a public service. example; feral cat killing and torture.

  3. The above comment from Woody is absolutely obscene.

    Michael, why do you allow this Woody troll to cover the comments section with quite horrific tales of cat abuse? He gets off on upsetting cat lovers, do you?

    There is an old net rule about not feeding trolls.
    Woody comes back because he gets responses, he believes he is being encouraged. When I see his foul, hate filled posts getting more responses than comments from genuine cat lovers or merely those interested in cats, it really makes me wonder if Woody is more welcome here than anyone else.

  4. If you truly want to stop the inhumane suffering of thousands of animals…..

    Remainder deleted as it is was written by a nasty troll called Woodsman001 (admin, Michael)

    • Admirable?!? Are you serious? And have you no clue about spay/neuter and release programs for free roaming cats? You don’t have to destroy any? That is ludacris. un addition, this was not a feral cat! Tiger was a healthy, loving pet of her neighbors and she even knew him! Please do not worship this murderer. She is not brave because she can murder a sweet kitty who just happened to wander into the wrong yard. And she is a veterinarian who took an oath to save animals, not murder them! She more than anyone could tell a healthy pet from a feral and IF he had been feral she could have caught him and neutered him and released him back to live his life and he wouldn’t have created any future litters! But no. She choseto make a game of killing an innocent and then bragged about it. It wasn’t about saving many, as you state. Never once did she say she did it because she wanted to stop future litters from suffering! You are clueless!

        • He’s quite the twisted little bird man. Makes a full-time job of copying/pasting the same junk many times over, wherever articles are posted about feral cats. Probably gnashing his teeth more and more as numerous TNR programs are established 🙂

          • Yes, you are correct. Once again I have banned him. I have banned him under different aliases about 80 times now. Sometimes I find him slightly amusing and like to argue with him but within a short space of time it becomes tiresome and he becomes incredibly rude so banning is the only option.

        • Oh, no problem. I’ve dealt with trolls on other websites. It’s quite a job to run a website and look out for stupid when it breaks out, and you handle him quite well. I must admit what amuses me is Woody is stupid enough to think that you will allow him to post over and over. You always cut him off at the right time. I’ve been over to One Green Planet and I see that he no longer posts regularly over there. His rants might upset some folks and I understand that, but I also think it is important that we cat lovers be exposed to this and know what the enemy is thinking. It’s not all sweetness and light out here.

    • “My driveways lined with carnage”???? Seriously??? Come on, if you want people to take you seriously, try not to exaggerate too much. So if you advocate ‘killing’ animals that are decimating song birds, you may want to look in the mirror. Man has done MOST of the decimating of this planets animal species, birds included. Usually through destruction of habitat. Picture windows, windmills, etc have also taken their toll. As for feral cats, another ‘human’ issue. If people would get their animals fixed or stop abandoning unwanted pets, there would not be a problem.

      • Hi I have deleted part of this troll’s comment and banned him. I know him. He is quite mad. Sorry if you were upset by him.

    • probably ought to finish it out by…
      “finding him and removing him from the earth…”
      I’d do it, if God approved…because if he’s responsible for that picture, he shouldn’t be here…

  5. A very poignant essay. Thank you for sharing it. I hope it is read by Lindsay, and that she absorbs some humaneness from it.

    Alas, she appears to be thriving on the attention, since the incident, her behaviour has shown that she is enjoying the attention. We have some very sick minded individuals coming through to professional qualification these days.

      • Hi Michael, no, alas I don’t, I have just responded to her whirl of showboating on social media. It shocks me that she has supporters. That her “friends” are supporting her is abhorrent. It indicates to me that her “friends” are of the same ilk as her, totally lacking in empathy, decency or intelligence.

        The last I heard was that the Grand Jury failed to indict her and she will not be facing criminal proceedings.

        I read that the State Veterinary Board could take up to 3 years to take her registration off of her. The State Veterinary Boards are corrupt, slow and deliberately obtuse. I have read of cases where vets have carried out abominable acts of cruelty to animals and the State Board has taken minutes to state that there is no reason for them to lose their licence to practice.

        If I see anything, I’ll be passing it on here.

  6. First rate job Jean. It is poignant and the moral in it cannot be denied by anyone unless they are unthinking and unfeeling zombies.

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